Calling Youth to Christ
Messages by Billy Graham

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1. Evangelistic sermons. 2. Sermons, American  20th Century. 3. Youth Religious life.
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Table of Contents

1. America's Hope .......... 11

2. Retreat! Stand! Advance! .......... 30

3. A Midnight Tragedy .......... 48

4. Final Exam .......... 63

5. The Power of Secret Sin .......... 77

6. Youth's Hero .......... 89

7. A Scarlet Thread .......... 97

8. Hell .......... 116


LIKE metal forged in the heat of the fire are these messages which have come hot from the heart of Billy Graham. No one knows the problems of modern youth and the solutions to those problems better than Billy.

   This volume of sermons most strikingly lays bare the need of present-day young people, and the abundant provision for that need in the Gospel of the grace of God.

   These sermons are not untried. They have been preached from the lips and out of the heart of this young evangelist of America's Southland. Literally hundreds of thousands of people in Youth for Christ rallies all across the North American Continent, the British Isles and the continent of Europe . . . audiences as small as one hundred people in obscure places and as large as sixty-five thousand in great stadium rallies . . . have heard the presentation of this glorious Gospel in the winsome, winning way that only Billy can preach. How many have been won to Christ through these sermons only eternity will reveal. On a single night as many as a thousand have responded to the Gospel invitation given by this young evangelist.

   It is a rare combination to find sermons equally profitable either read or heard. Billy Graham's are of this rare quality. To hear his message will convict sinners and thrill saints; to read them will produce the same results. It is for that reason that we covet the widest possible distribution of this volume. We believe that under God, by the Holy Spirit, that just as thousands have been saved through the spoken word, so now other thousands may be saved through the printed messages.

   To that end we commend this volume to the blessing of God and for the uplifting of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Former President, Youth for Christ, International
Chicago, Illinois


   That a book especially adapted to meet the needs of modern youth should come from the pen of Billy Graham is not surprising. He is a young man who has a splendid working knowledge of what today's young people need. For some time he has been executive vice-president at large of Youth for Christ International, and has enjoyed the unspeakable privilege of addressing some of the largest youth gatherings on the North American continent. Moreover, he has contacted youth leaders in America, Canada, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Europe, and fired them with enthusiasm to begin Youth for Christ rallies. Thus he has been the instrument used by the Holy Spirit of God to influence directly and indirectly the lives of millions of young people.

   For six months I traveled with Billy Graham as we conducted city-wide campaigns in various parts of the British Isles. I have seen the largest auditoriums, churches and theaters jammed to capacity, and the huge audiences were spellbound by his messages. But, more importantly, I have seen hundreds of teen-agers in one service step forward publicly to confess their faith in Jesus Christ. It was apparent that the Spirit of God used the messages mightily.

   These same powerful messages are present in this volume. As I have read them I have visualized the evangelist at work, and my soul has been refreshed and challenged. I know that God is going to use these messages in a great and mighty way to bless His people and to bring precious souls to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that Christians present this volume to the unreached, unchurched, unsaved youth with whom they come in contact. The book has a message for these young people — the message they need.


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From the Book Jacket of Calling Youth To Christ ... Fourth Edition

   "In reading the eight forceful sermons . . . one can readily see why multitudes of young people everywhere flock to hear the man who has written them and why remarkable results are forthcoming from his ministry. In these messages thought and fire are harmoniously blended into strong appeals on the behalf of Christ. Old truths are given a modern approach for present-day people." — Baptist Standard

   "Here is an answer to those who ask what kind of message is effective today in awakening young men and women to their need of Christ and His salvation." — The Christian

   ". . . reveals Graham's spiritual passion and white heat." — United Evangelical Action

While only in his early thirties, Billy Graham is considered America's outstanding, most widely used evangelist . . .

Has conducted tremendous campaigns which have shaken entire cities such as Los Angeles, Boston, Columbia, South Carolina, and elsewhere . . .

Has made four trips to Great Britain and the continent of Europe to conduct evangelistic campaigns . . .

Is a graduate of Wheaton College . . .

Makes his home in Montreat, North Carolina . . .

Has hundreds of calls for great city-wide campaigns which he is unable to accept . . .

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