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Table of Contents

Preface by Billy Graham          9

1. I Want to Get Married, But . . .          13

2. When Trouble Enters Your Home          24

3. How to Help Your Children Grow          48

4. What Every Teen-ager Should Know          61

5. What Every Parent Should Know          86

6. After the Children Are Grown          91

7. Solving Problems on the Job          97

8. How to Be Happy Most of the Time          110

9. The Best Way to Resist Temptation          119

10. Antidote for Loneliness and Failure          124

11. How to Cure a Bad Habit          131

12. Bad Health, Bad Luck, and Bad Morals          138

13. The Way You Look and Act          153

14. Friends, Relatives, and Neighbors          156

15. How to Make Wrong Things Right         161

16. Prayer Power Works Every Hour          168

17. Using Your Christian Citizenship          177

18. Christianity and Communism          183

19. When You Face the Sunset Years          186

20. What About Death . . . and Beyond?          192

21. "I Wonder About Salvation"          204

22. "I Wonder About Science and Outer Space"          214

23. Matters Difficult to Understand          218

24. Your Church and Its Problems          230

25. The Firmest Foundation          241

26. How Should I Serve?          247

27. The End of the World          257


   Everyone has a problem.

   Wherever I go, I hear unhappy people asking for help. Perplexed and adrift, they cannot understand how they have lost their bearings. Instead of growing more serene with the passing years, they feel themselves pulled this way and that. With their families breaking up, their children running wild, and their own lives plunging toward the depths of personal degradation, they do not want to act as they do but they cannot help themselves.

   Does the Bible hold an answer for them? Or for those persons whose difficulties are in the fields of business or ethics? Indeed it does!

   For many years, I have searched the Scriptures for answers to problems that have come to me through my daily newspaper column, telecasts, broadcasts, and evangelistic crusades. I have written answers to these questions in a daily newspaper column called "My Answer," with a daily circulation of more than sixteen million.

   There is overwhelming documented evidence that the answers based on the Bible have helped thousands. Young people have found guidance in difficult years of growing up — young married couples have been helped in the gravest period of adjustment — broken homes have been reunited and lives have been changed, as a Biblical answer has been given to the perplexing personal and social problems of

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our time. Business and laboring men have been prayerfully guided in the problem of ethics in critical and perplexing situations.

   We have received several million letters in the last few years asking every conceivable question, and presenting almost every possible human situation. Every one has received a personal answer either from me or from one of my able and faithful associates.

   I have read many books and consulted many well-known professors of psychology, sociology, and philosophy — but always I have returned to the Bible for the basis of my answer. There is a burning conviction in my soul that our problems are a result of our ignorance of divine moral law, Judaeo-Christian ethics, and God's purpose for human redemption in Christ — our unwillingness to obey God's rule, suggestion and imperative for abundant living in any circumstances.

   Now this book is called My Answer; my devout hope is that it might equally well be called God's answer. I have a far deeper conviction today than when I began that the Bible has the answer to every moral situation known to man.

   From a mother whose heart is crushed because her son is in revolt to the husband whose wife is faithless, from the youth who wants one more fling to the aging saint who feels that he is not wanted by his children, the teachings of Jesus Christ provide the only ultimate answer.

   It is my prayer that this selection of over three hundred questions and answers will be of help to you as you see your need expressed through someone else.

   He who is "the Way, the Truth and the Life" can guide and help you to a new hope and courage to live joyously and abundantly in a difficult world.


   Montreux, Switzerland, 1960

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presents several hundred of the most interesting questions put to him in his syndicated column — with his answers — a column that has been carried for several years, five days a week, by over 150 newspapers.

   The wide variety of subjects covered here are of great importance to everyone — dating, marriage, children, teen-age problems, divorce, death, religion, war, and many more. Dr. Graham's sympathy and common sense, in addition to his wide knowledge of the Bible, make his thoughtful replies helpful and inspiring reading for all.

   The famous evangelist answers hundreds of questions:


I want to get married, but . . .


When trouble enters your home


How to help your children grow


What every teen-ager should know

What every parent should know

After the children are grown

Solving problems on the job

How to be happy most of the time

The best way to resist temptation

Antidote for loneliness and failure

How to cure a bad habit

Bad health, bad luck, and bad morals

The way you look and act

Friends, relatives, and neighbors

How to make wrong things right

Prayer power works every hour

Using your Christian citizenship

Christianity and communism

When you face the sunset years

What about death . . . and beyond?

"I wonder about salvation"

"I wonder about science and outer space"

Matters difficult to understand

Your church and its problems

The firmest foundation

How should I serve?

The end of the world

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