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1. Christianity — 20th Century
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Table of Contents

From the Back Cover and Jacket

Preface       vii

Introduction       xiii

1. Flames Out of Control       1

2. The Old Immorality       18

3. Our Psychological Jitters       31

4. The National Idolatry       42

5. The Searchers in a Flaming World       50

6. Who Am I?       59

7. Man's Fatal Disease       65

8. The Inadequacy of Modern Religion       80

9. The Incredible Journey       89

10. How Does God Speak?       95

11. The Inescapable Christ       103

12. God's Foolishness       113

13. The Day Death Died       125

14. The Possibility of the New Man       138

15. How to Become a New Man       147

16. The Dynamics of the New Man       161

17. Social Involvement of the New Man       177

18. The Fabulous Future       189

19. The Distant Trumpet       202

20. Signs of the End       214

21. The Coming Judgment       232

22. The World on Fire       246

23. The World of Tomorrow       254

Notes  (see each chapter)     265

From the Back Cover and Jacket

"At 5:30 a.m. on July 16, 1945, a light brighter than a thousand suns illuminated the desert sands of New Mexico. One Scientist wept as he watched and exclaimed: 'My God, we have created hell.' From that day on our world has never been the same. We entered a new ear of world history — perhaps the last era . . ."

This book is the heartfelt expression of the world-famous evangelist's concern over the world's despair; a Christian analysis of a world filled with riots, demonstrations, threats, wars, and rebellion against authority — divine as well as human.

   Billy Graham examines the cause of the world's tensions against the background of his own rich experience — years of travelling all over the world and meeting with world leaders.

   He seeks to answer the questions we all ask as we keep watching the unfolding crises of our times: What is the cause? What has happened to our world? Can we do anything about it?

   He acknowledges the answers proffered by economists, diplomats, educators and sociologists of this world. But he does not agree with them. His answers — in fact, his whole book — are based on the Biblical philosophy of man and of history.

   "The more I have travelled," says the evangelist, "the more convinced I have become that the Biblical revelation of man, his origin, his present predicament, and his destiny is true."

   WORLD AFLAME is frightening. It fully accepts the Biblical prophecy that the world as we know it will come to an end before a new world of peace and righteousness comes into being.

   WORLD AFLAME is hard-hitting. Billy Graham minces no words in describing the morass of modern morality, the inadequacy of modern theology, the idolatry of men and nations worshipping false gods like Technology and Sex, which forebode a climactic end.

   WORLD AFLAME is forthright. Billy Graham warns that Christians, if they really want to live up to the teachings of Christ, must act on social issues like desegregation as well as on matters of personal ethics.

   WORLD AFLAME is controversial. "This book," states Billy Graham, "is intentionally controversial. I hope that something of what I have written will shock readers out of apathy into the reality of our desperate condition individually and socially."

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