Heart To Heart With Pastors' Wives

Twelve Women Share the Wisdom They've Gained As Partners in Ministry

© 1994 Lynne Dugan

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Table of Contents

Foreword ... by Evelyn Christenson       9

1. From an Open Heart ... by Lynne Dugan       13

2. Husband and Wife: A Union Designed by God ... by Colleen Townsend Evans       7

3. Clergy Kids: Give Them a Break ... by Catherine Hickem       33

4. Self-Feeding of Scripture: The Number One Survival Tool ... by Joy P. Gage       49

5. Midlife: Crisis or Crossroad? ... by Sally Christon Conway       59

6. Surviving the Stress Factor ... by Anna Hayford       69

7. When Home is Havoc, Not Haven ... by Pamela Hoover Heim       79

8. Discipling: Catch the Vision ... by Anne Ortlund       87

9. Mentoring: Woman to Woman ... by Gail MacDonald       95

10. A Proposal for Preparation ... by Mary Lou Whitlock       103

11. Retirement: A Word Not in God's Dictionary ... by Kathryn Stephens Grant       115

12. Commitment: The Key to Contentment ... by Carol Rhoads       125

13. The Great Sorority ... by Lynne Dugan       137


1. NAE Survey of Ministers' Wives       149

2. NAE Survey of Ministers'  Wives Executive Summary       160

3. Support Groups for Pastors' Wives (SGPW)       171

4. Ministry Wives Network International Mission Statement       175

5. NAE Statement of Faith       177

From the Jacket of the Book

   "Slowly I began feeling like an unpaid assistant pastor" writes Lynne Dugan about her life as the wife of a fledgling pastor. "I felt as if I were on a treadmill and could not reach the stop button." Fortunately her husband, Bob, was sensitive to her frustration, encouraging her to discover fulfillment in her dual role of supporting his ministry and having a ministry of her own.

   Here are the stories and wisdom of women who live day in and day out in the fishbowl of being a "ministry wife." They share their concerns about their children, their husbands and their own needs. Find out how they have conquered the struggles of a life in the public eye and at the same time found God's purpose for their own lives.

   If you or someone close to you is a "ministry wife," Heart to Heart with Pastors' Wives is essential reading.

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Heart to Heart with Pastors' Wives stands out as one of the best books for helping pastors' wives meet today's issues with confidence and clarity. It deals candidly with topics not often found in books for ministers' wives, such as sexual relations, midlife issues, abusive behavior and coping with retirement.

Linda Riley
Director, Called Together Ministries
Resources and Referrals for Pastors' Wives

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Nothing — or no one — has more influence on the effectiveness, fulfillment or fruit of a pastor's personal life than his wife. With her full partnership, everything abounds under God's hand. Heart to Heart with Pastors' Wives will help many dear women and overflow to His many dear shepherds.

Jack Hayford
Senior Pastor
The Church On The Way

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Lynne Dugan and her "blue ribbon" contributors provide ways to encourage and empower the wives of Christian leaders to become all that God has in mind for them to be.

H. B. London, Jr.
Vice President of Outreach and Pastoral Ministries
Focus on the Family

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Heart to Heart with Pastors' Wives is intimately personal, thoroughly practical and warmly interesting. It succeeds as an inspiring message to all women behind the men behind the pulpit.

D. James Kennedy
Senior Minister
Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

Lynne Dugan was founder and president of Support Groups for Pastors' Wives, a national ministry for the wives of Christian workers. It was later renamed, Ministry Wives Network International. She was married to and partnered in ministry with her husband of 57 years, Robert P. Dugan, Jr., director of the Office of Public Affairs and Vice President of the National Association of Evangelicals in Washington, D.C. The ministry of supporting pastors' wives is being carried on now by Jill Briscoe. To purchase a previously-owned hard copy of this book, please visit  Barnes & Noble.com

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To the Author and Finisher of our faith, the Lord Jesus Christ, who "will accomplish what concerns me" (Psalm 138:8 NASB). To my beloved husband, Bob, my closest friend for more than 40 years in marriage and ministry, who suggested I create a survey to determine the needs of pastors' wives. To our stalwart son, Bob III, his wonderful wife, Alisa, our grandson, Robby IV, and to our darling daughter Cheri. To my friends who contributed to this book out of their experiences in pastoral ministry. To the National Association of Evangelical Women's Commission, who caught the vision of Support Groups for Pastors' Wives. To Brenda Josee, who encouraged me for more than four years to produce this book. Ultimately, to pastors' wives and women in ministry — choice, but often unsung, servants of God.

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