God In The Garden

The Story of the Billy Graham New York Crusade

© 1957  Curtis Mitchell

Doubleday, Garden City, New York


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Subjects: 1. Graham, Billy, 1918-2018 . 2. Revivals New York (State) New York. 3. New York. Madison Square Garden.
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A Special Message from Billy Graham

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From the Jacket of the Book

 Here is the full account of the greatest series of evangelistic meetings in history.

   From May 15 to September 1 of 1957 more than two million persons went to New York's Madison Square Garden to hear Billy Graham preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

   More than fifty-six thousand persons came forward at the meetings to pledge their lives to the Christian way of life.

   Millions more across the nation watched the meetings on TV and were moved by what the evangelist said.

   You may be one of the millions who have seen or heard Billy Graham — or you may have wondered about the people who have:

   Who are they?

   What was the message that moved them?

   How long will they hold to the new way of life they have dedicated themselves to?

   How will their decisions affect their homes, their communities, America, and the world?

   GOD IN THE GARDEN is about these people and it answers these and many more questions, in well-documented fact and in revealing case histories. It gives a close-view picture of the volunteers — the choir members, prayer leaders, ushers, office workers — who provided the hands and know-how that made the meetings such a tremendous success.

   Beyond question GOD IN THE GARDEN is the most factual and detailedly informative book ever written on Billy Graham and his mission. The author has been following and writing about Billy Graham since 1954 — in the course of which time he has been personally acquainted with the men and women who surround Billy Graham and contribute time, money, and hard work to the cause of Christian evangelism.


In his own words Billy Graham has written a special message for readers of this book — a message which will make the volume a more highly prized treasure in your home.

The New York Crusade is history. We may not know the full extent of its influence on the lives of people living in metropolitan New York for many years. We do know that thousands of individuals made commitments for Christ.

   One of those who watched the unfolding drama of God's workings in our largest city was Curtis Mitchell, feature writer for the American Weekly magazine. He has been a frequent visitor to our crusades for a number of years and, having been reared in the home of a minister, has more than a passing interest in evangelism.

   During the New York Crusade, he sat in the press section night after night. He interviewed countless persons whose lives were touched by the crusade. As an eyewitness, a keen observer, and analyst of Christian events, he is well qualified to write this documentary story.

   He tells of the lives of people that were changed. He reports on the behind-the-scenes contributions of team members, committees, and thousands of volunteers. In print, he recreates significant moments in our Garden services, at the Yankees Stadium, and Times Square.

   I am sure that Mr. Mitchell joins me in the hope that those who read this volume might come to a clearer understanding of the objectives of our New York Crusade, and that they will comprehend better the nature of the impact of God's message on our audiences. Most of all, however it is our hope that GOD IN THE GARDEN will have a special meaning for every reader, whether or not he attended our crusade in person or via television, to the end that the blessings experienced by so many in New York might have a reality in other hearts and lives.

BILLY GRAHAM              

   Curtis Mitchell is a regular feature writer for the American Weekly, the national Sunday newspaper supplement in which his articles about, and in collaboration with, Billy Graham have previously appeared.



The Team, The Organizers, The Volunteer Workers, The Choir

The 2,000,000 People Who Attended


Many actual stories from the 56,000 persons who made decisions for Christ during the Crusade


Excerpts from Billy Graham's own personal diary of the Crusade

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