Love Your Work
Your Daily Work Can Be a Great Spiritual Resource

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1. Work — Religious aspects — Christianity.
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Table of Contents

From the Back Cover and Jacket

Foreword     7

Preface     9

1.  Our Daily Work: A Spiritual Resource     11

2.  Our Current Dilemma: The Changing Workplace     25

3.  Our Biblical Ethic: Partners in Creation     35

4.  First Principle: Work Is Prayerful     50

5.  Second Principle: Work Is Vocational     63

6.  Third Principle: Work Is Relational     77

7.  Fourth Principle:  Work Is Developmental     93

8.  Fifth Principle: Work Is Rhythmical     107

9.  Sixth Principle: Work Is Meaningful     125

10.  Our Daily Prayer: Give Us Our Daily Work     137

For Further Reading     151

Notes  (see each chapter)     155

From the Back Cover and Jacket

"Your daily work is neither curse nor savior. Rather, it is one of your greatest spiritual resources."

God wants to continue His creative work through your daily labor. Your work can be a means of grace to you, as well as a means through which you can save other people.

   To experience your work in this way, you need to have a sense of vocation, of the calling of God, so that you know the holy significance of all that you do.

   The Spiritual Formation Series is authored by faculty members of Asbury Theological Seminary. Spiritual Formation begins with the affirmation that Jesus is Lord! It is a lifestyle; not a program; a relationship rather than a system, a journey instead of a road map. Its goal is friendship with God.

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DR. DAVID MCKENNA is President of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He was previously president of Seattle Pacific University and Spring Arbor College. Ordained in the Free Methodist Church, Dr. McKenna is a prolific writer of both books and articles and is much in demand as a speaker.

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My wife of forty years

whose daily work

as the President's First Lady

for thirty years

is her work of faith,

her labor of love,


my inspiration of hope

in Jesus Christ

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