Jesus, Man of Joy

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Subjects: 1. Jesus Christ Character; 2. Joy Religious aspects Christianity
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These words I have spoken to you that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.

JOHN 15:11

Table of Contents

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Foreword: "Bruce, I Have One Word for You: JOY!"       9

Introduction: The Phone Rang       13

Stirrings in Heaven

1. An Astonishing Change       17

2. Whose Idea Was This?       21

3. Where Did He Get It?       27

The Man of Joy

4. The Merry Jesus       33

5. Uncommon Wedding       41

6. Religious Smog       47

7. "Pecooler Noshuns"       57

The Hidden Secret

8. Surfing the Scriptures       65

9. Still Waters       71

10. Gold Without Tarnish       77

Good Times, Bad Times

11. Will Moves Through Desire       85

12. When God Shouts       91

13. Silence Is Golden       99

14. When Joy Meets Fear       107

15. Joy When It Hurts       113

Heart's Delights

16. What Is Happiness?      125

17. God's Crepe Suzettes       131

18. The Secret of Radiance       139

19. Joy and Overjoy       145

Glorious Promise

20. Faith Creating Joy       155

21. Hope That Brings Joy       163

22. What's Amazing About Grace       169

23. Take It All!       175

24. The Joy-Filled Church       183

Paradise Lost and Found

25. Paradise Lost       193

26. Paradise Found       199

Back Cover of the Book

"I have told you this so that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete." Jesus

Jesus enjoyed life to the fullest . . . and He wants that same thing for those who love Him. Catch a glimpse of the One whose gentle touch could reach through to the hardest of hearts, and whose wisdom and humor revealed the deepest truths about God and His ways.

You can learn to live with fresh hope and renewed joy by discovering the god who laughs with us and wants us to experience a "joy unspeakable." You'll never look at Jesus the same way once you've met this "man of joy."

"Nobody but Sherwood Wirt could have written this, the magnum opus of joy!"

JERRY JENKINS, co-author of Left Behind

"Jesus was a man of joy. This is the most liberating secret in all of Christianity! Through the pages of this book the Lord revealed to me for the first time His reality and absolute loveliness. Rejoice and be glad!'

BRUCE MARCHIANO, author of In the Footsteps of Jesus

"Many believers mistakenly confuse joy with being in a state of perpetual happiness. Sherwood Wirt knows the real meaning of joy, and he happily shares it with the rest of us."

CAL THOMAS, author of The Things that Matter Most

"What a refreshing word for our day joy! This book has given me a new perspective on life. Radiant joy is always possible."

ANN KIEMEL ANDERSON, author of Seduced by Success and I'm Out to Change My World

"You are in for a fresh experience of authentic joy. Joy is the missing ingredient in contemporary Christianity, and Sherwood shows us how to find it."

LLOYD JOHN OGILVIE, Chaplain of the U.S. Senate and author of Autobiography of God

"As I read the book, my heart was lifted up with joy and praise. It's about time somebody proclaimed the joyful Jesus!"

WARREN W. WIERSBE, author of Be Joyful: Even when things go wrong you can have joy {Philippians}

"To know Sherwood Wirt is to feel the rush of God's joy, splashing and spilling over. When Sherwood writes about Jesus' joy, he's writing from his life . . . and from his heart."

JONI EARECKSON TADA, author and artist

"Is Jesus the ultimate spoil-sport? Is the Man of Sorrows all tears and no joy? Decidedly not, says Sherwood Wirt, who at 87 is himself a marvelous demonstration of someone who knows the joyful Jesus. Drawing on a wide range of sources from Augustine to C.S. Lewis and much Scripture, he provides needed correctives to the sour, condemning spirit that often obscures the deep joy of Jesus.

HAROLD MYRA, President of Christianity Today

Sherwood Eliot Wirt is founding editor of Decision magazine and the author of 42 books including Billy: A Personal Look at Billy Graham. A long-time associate of Billy Graham, "Woody" (as his friends call him) formerly served as a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force, pastored several churches, and holds Ph.D.'s in theology and psychology from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland (Class of '51). In 1978 he founded the San Diego Christian Writers Guild. Born in 1911, he resides in Bothell, Washington.

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   What a pleasure to write this book! It has been like strolling through an archway of rainbows. Fascinating things happen to people when they start looking for joy in God's Word, for the joy appears in such varied and colorful ways. The Holy Spirit shows Himself as more than a Comforter; He becomes an Encourager and Inspirer who fills ordinary lives with moments of divine bliss.

   This book came to be through the kind help of friends who are excellent writers themselves. Many of them are active members of the San Diego County Christian Writers' Guild. In particular I would mention Nancy Bayless, Judith Dupree, Kathryn Hughes, Jean Mader, Elaine Minton, Glenda Palmer, Judith Scharfenburg, Candace Walters, and Claudia Ward. My nonpareil critic is, as usual, my wife, Ruth Love Wirt, who sent many of my purple passages tumbling over the Sunset Cliffs.

   Seeing this manuscript through the press has been a genuine pleasure. The founder of Harvest House, Robert Hawkins, Sr., is an old friend and a Christian gentleman with a warm heart for writers. My thanks go to him and all the active personnel of Harvest House for their professional labors on this work. I would especially mention Jerry MacGregor, senior editor; Robert Hawkins, Jr., publisher; Carolyn McCready, editorial director; and Ray Oehm, editor. Also I would include Bruce Marchiano, actor, author, preacher, and good friend, for a whole bushel of kindnesses.

   A prominent European theologian once commented that "orthodoxy has no humor." Anyone who thinks this way should subscribe without delay to "The Joyful Noiseletter," published by my friend Cal Samra, founder of the Fellowship of Merry Christians, at Box 895, Portage, MI 49081. Mr. Samra has given percipient support to the writing of this book, for which I am grateful.


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