The Witness

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1. Mafia  fiction; 2. Kidnapping  fiction; 3. Earthquakes  fiction.

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My thanks to Eva Marie Everson, writer, encourager and friend.

To the members of my online writer's group whose encouragement, and support has been of immeasurable help.

From the Back Cover of the Book

Philip Lansing has a loving family and successful career. When he is confronted by the Chicago Mafia to hide their drug money, his world is turned upside down.

Seduced by the growing amount of cash in his safe, Philip wires a portion to his newly opened Swiss Bank. When the mob is apprehended, Philip is offered placement in the Witness Protection Program for his testimony. He is sent to a safe house with a new identity. There is still the Swiss money and Philip is determined to leave the country and start a new life. He calls his daughter Jenny to secretly meet him in Los Angeles and bring the envelope he's left with her. Unknown to Jenny, the envelope holds the key to Philip's Swiss bank account.

Stalked by a mob member, Jenny is in immediate danger as she lands in L.A. Also following her is FBI Agent Alex Kendall, assigned to protect her. Before she can meet her father, Jenny and Alex are caught in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The horror of the devastated city is compounded by the news that her dad is kidnapped by the mob.

Jenny has one goal. In spite of warnings from Alex, she sets off alone to find her father and is herself captured by the stalker. Jenny's loyalty to her dad is challenged by her growing attraction to FBI Agent Alex Kendall.

Margaret Johnson lives with her husband in Cathedral City, California. She is the author of twelve books. Margaret's bestselling book, Eighteen No Time to Waste is the story of her daughter Kathi who was killed in an auto accident. The Johnsons have three adult sons living in Southern California and one daughter living in Palm Springs.

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