"I Don't Know What Old Is,
But Old Is Older Than Me"

© 1992  Sherwood Eliot Wirt

Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee — All Rights Reserved


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1. Aged — Religious life. 2. Aging — Religious aspects — Christianity.
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Table of Contents

From the Jacket of the Book

Acknowledgments       vii

Foreword       ix

Welcome to the Honorable Society of Ancients      xiii

Chapter 1:  Vision       1

Chapter 2:  Calling       11

Chapter 3:  Freedom       20

Chapter 4:  Reality       29

Chapter 5:  Time       38

Chapter 6:  Prayer       49

Chapter 7:  Wisdom       61

Chapter 8:  Memories       74

Chapter 9:  Friends       81

Chapter 10:  Contentment       92

Chapter 11:  Love       102

Chapter 12:  Sex       114

Chapter 13: Enjoyment       126

Chapter 14: Ministry       138

Chapter 15:  Reading       152

Chapter 16:  Travel       166

Chapter 17:  Heaven       181

Notes (See each chapter)       193

From the Jacket of the Book

Sherwood Eliot Wirt is not spending his time sitting on the porch in a rocking chair, and he encourages you not to as well! In this inspiring and feisty preview of the "golden years," Wirt illustrates that growing older means reaching the best part of life. He stresses that we are not meant to fade away into a dim old age, but we were created to capture a dynamic and fulfilling vision for an exciting life.

   You will laugh, think, and want to stand up and cheer as Wirt challenges the myths of old age in this manifesto for modern maturity. I Don't Know What Old Is, But Old Is Older Than Me encourages us all to take another look at what it means to move into your sixties and beyond.

   Sherwood Wirt, editor emeritus of Decision Magazine, author, world traveler, and mountain climber, recently celebrated his eightieth birthday. He is an active visionary who enjoys life and all it has to offer.

   Founder of the San Diego County Christian Writers' Guild, Wirt is the author of twenty-four books; winner of the George Washington medal, Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge; former president, Evangelical Press Association and San Diego Gilbert & Sullivan Society.

"Don't lay us out in lavender yet; we are just as much alive and (in our way) vigorous as anybody. We are not 'old folks'; we are simply folks who are older." An active visionary offers personal insight on.....

Love: "Regardless of how long one has been drawing Social Security, one can enjoy the thrills of attraction, fascination, affection, and all the rest of it."

Vision: "The number one problem with us older people, as I see it, is a lack of vision. A well-worn saying has it that we are immortal till our work is done. I would supplement that statement by saying that we are immortal till the vision fades."

Contentment: "When we have learned to be satisfied with what we have and are settled down to the enjoyment of it, growing old can be a serene experience. Contentment becomes a glorious feeling, really. We take pleasure in the butterflies and hummingbirds with a new delight."

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