Winning the New Civil War
Recapturing America's Values


©1991  Robert P. Dugan, Jr.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     9

Foreword     11

Prologue: At Least I Tried     13

Seizing our Rights

1.  What We "Know" That Isn't So     35

2.  What is Biblical?     51

3.  What is Constitutional?     67

Strategizing for Change

4.  Changing the Politicians' Thinking     87

5.  Changing the Politicians Themselves     109

6.  A Decade of Changing the Political Landscape     127

Steering the Course

7.  Are We "One Nation Under God"?     147

8.  Who Will Determine America's Future?     165

Epilogue     187

Appendix I:  Political Activity by Clergymen     191

Appendix II:  Resources to Get You Started     201

Appendix III:  Ronald Reagan's "Evil Empire" Speech     215

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1. Christianity and politics. 2. United States Politics and government.
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To the people who mean everything to me


who has loved and supported me without reservation for
over thirty-seven years whether in
pastoral ministry or unsuccessful run for Congress

Bob and Cheri

who honor their father and mother
and whose future motivated me to write this book

Robert P. and Marion S. Dugan

who, by teaching and example, have passed on to me
the priceless heritage of the Christian faith

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