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The Illusion of Agony : A Comprehensive Critique of Robert Wennberg's book, "Life in the Balance: Exploring the Abortion Controversy."

     Critiques a Christian pro-choice book from an Evangelical perspective. The first book we ever put online and it was September of 1997.

Abortion and the Christian : What Every Believer Should Know

     I placed the text of this excellent 1984 book onto the Internet in February of 1998. The author, Dr. John Jefferson Davis, is a professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. Prior to producing the online edition, I collaborated with pro-lifers in Massachusetts by distributing print editions of this book to libraries throughout America which didn't already have a Christian pro-life book, but did have one or more pro-choice books. The number of holdings for this book went from 133 libraries to 278 libraries. The other positive aspect is that first, I had all the books for the libraries turned into hardcover. Here now, is the online edition of Abortion and the Christian: What Every Believer Should Know. This book is consistently our number one most frequently opened online book, averaging 200 readers per week.

Peace With God

     Written originally in 1953 by Billy Graham, this book has been republished and reprinted numerous times due to it's popularity with readers. This webmaster has heard Billy Graham speak about eight times in person including August of 1984 at Yoido Plaza in Seoul, South Korea. I recall hardly being able to see Billy from such a great distance behind an estimated 1.5 million people who were there to listen to this man of God. Another favorite event where I heard him was Urbana '79 in Illinois. John Stott (one of our authors here) was the keynote speaker at that Urbana.

     We receive frequent email requests to create this book, Peace With God, online, but we cannot do that. However, for those of our readers who live outside of North America we will try to accommodate you in some fashion under the rules of "Fair Use." Please click on the link for this book and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to read it at the Way Back Machine. Until we hear from you, may God bless you real good! (as Billy used to say!)

The Mark of the Christian

     Written by Francis Schaeffer in 1970, we placed this dynamic little discussion online in the year 2000. What would you say should be the defining character trait of the Christian? Should it be joy? How about patience? Certainly loyalty to God, right? What about holiness or Christ-likeness? All these should be evident and you could name a bundle more. But there's one trait I haven't mentioned yet that Francis Schaeffer will persuade you trumps them all ..... If you read "The Mark of the Christian" you'll find out what it is!

A Man to Match the Mountain : Overcoming the Obstacles of Life

     Written in 1996 by David Roper, here is a book that inspires us to go for the gold, especially that not made with hands. Dave's favorite biblical character is Caleb — that rugged old saint who never retired but "died climbing." Dave was on the staff at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto and was a friend of my grandfather. Went online October 2000.

Winning the New Civil War : Recapturing America's Values

     Written in 1991 by Robert Dugan, formerly the Director of Public Affairs with the National Association of Evangelicals. My Dad described Bob as his "best friend." Went online November 2000, while the highest office in our land hung in the balance.

Sanctity of Life : The Inescapable Issue

     Written in 1990 by Chuck Swindoll, this book is essentially two sermons preached by Chuck at the First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, 1990. I've got several copies of the two-sermons-cassette tape (January 21, 1990) if anyone would like one, just let me know. The lessons from the Bible and from Chuck's own experiences are timeless. Went online in the year of our Lord 2000.

Leading From the Heart

     The author of this book, Robert Boyd Munger, was a true man of God and was a long-time friend of our family. Robert Munger is best known for writing "My Heart Christ's Home" in 1954. InterVarsity Press also published Leading From the Heart in 1995. We placed it online in 2001, shortly after Bob's homegoing.

18, No Time to Waste

     Written by Margaret Johnson in 1971, here is the story of how God changed the heart of an 18-year-old girl named Kathy, and having gotten her full attention, took her home. What would otherwise be viewed as a tragedy became a triumphant testimony to God's goodness. About an hour before Kathy died  riding in a red Mustang she came through my town (Mount Hermon) in the late evening. I was sound asleep about 400 yards from a girl "bound for glory"! Went online February 2001.

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

     This is a 1991 book by Anne Ortlund. You can't turn your back on Christ if you keep your eyes on Him! Went online February 2001.

Living the Christ-filled Life

     Here is a 1969 book by Dr. John Hunter who spoke many times at Mount Hermon. John was very much associated with Capernwray Hall in England which this webmaster visited during my college years. We also have a book by his wife Christine (see #132 below). Went online March 2001.

A Woman's Place? Leadership in the Church

     The inspiration to put this 1993 book online must go to Pastor Jeff Crosno, namely that Jeff expresses much enthusiasm for women in ministry. The author is Dr. C.S. Cowles of Point Loma Nazarene University. In June of 2011, the publisher asked us to remove this book from the Internet. We did so. However we receive frequent email requests for this book. For those of our readers who live outside of North America we will try to accommodate you in some fashion under the rules of "Fair Use." Please click on the link for this book and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. Until we hear from you, may God bless you real good! Went online originally July 2002.

The Life of the Party : A True Story of Teenage Alcoholism

     This 1990 book by Becky Tirabassi tells about her addiction to alcohol and how she was bombarded with frequent opportunities to drink. But God led her out of it and into His grace and truth through a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. Went online October 2002.

The Man Who Would Not Hate

     Written by Jill Briscoe in 1991, this true story about Festo Kivengere marks our best attempt thus far to publish online at a children's level. Looks like the book is intended for kids ages 9 to 12 or so, but I enjoyed it immensely myself. I heard Festo preach several times at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center. Went online November 2002.

The Whisper of His Grace : A Fresh Look at Suffering Through the Eyes of Job and Jesus

     Authored in 1987 by David McKenna, my college president at Seattle Pacific. Dr. McKenna has written 25 books as of 2006. Went online March 2003.

A Persuaded Heart : A Woman's Potential for Genuine Freedom

     We are honored to welcome author Gladys Hunt to our Library with a book she wrote in 1991. Online edition was completed in May 2003.

Truth & Power : The Place of Scripture in the Christian Life

     Beloved and inspiring author J.I. Packer writes in Truth & Power about the Bible's crucial importance in our lives. I have read his book Knowing God (1973) twice, including with a Sunday School class in a discussion format. Went online, June 2003.

Real Christians Don't Dance (with the "don't" crossed out)

     John Fischer wrote this in 1988. It's a MUST READ!!!! John's got a lot to say, even at Johnny's Cafe. Went online August 2003.

After the Storm (an inspirational romance novel)

     Here is our second title by Margaret Johnson! While I was trying to type this book, I kept taking "reading breaks" and reading on and on to find out what would happen. You cannot put this book down folks! Went online, September 2003.

Abraham Lincoln : Theologian of American Anguish

     Here's your chance to investigate the Christian faith of our 16th President. Written by Elton Trueblood in 1973; went online November 2003, celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of this excellent book.

Give the Winds a Mighty Voice : The Story of Charles E. Fuller

     Dan Fuller wrote this wonderful record about his father, the founder of Fuller Theological Seminary. Went online in January 2004.

Jesus Only ... by Vance Havner

     My grandfather owned this book and underlined many parts of it. Written in 1946 and republished in 1969, Jesus Only introduces Vance Havner to our collection. He was a Southern Baptist minister and was the author of more than forty books. Many folks call him "the most quoted preacher in America." Some of his books continue to be in print. For a list of these, see the main page of the online edition of Jesus Only. Went online in January 2004.

Dark Clouds, Silver Linings ... by Archibald Hart

     Dr. Hart is the author of more than 30 books, and we are honored to welcome him to the online library. Went online March 2004.

Help! I'm a Baby Boomer . . . by Hans Finzel

     We are pleased to welcome Dr. Finzel to our online library with this 1989 book. Hans and I are both "Evangelical Christian Baby Boomers" but I regret to say that I am only half as German as he is! You won't want to miss reading this book, especially if you were born between 1946 and 1964. Created online March 2004.

Homosexuality : A Biblical Perspective

     Written in 1994 by Pastor Gil Rugh of Nebraska, this is the best concise treatment of the Biblical material I have seen yet. Went online in March 2004, just weeks before same-sex marriage was tragically legalized in Massachusetts.

Our Evangelical Faith

     Subsequent to publishing this book in 1946, pastor Harold John Ockenga of Park Street Congregational Church (Boston) preached a number of sermons in which he expounded on the Statement of Faith of the newly organized National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). If you ever wondered what Evangelical Christians believe, no need to look further...... it's all right here. Went online, July 2004.

Open Your Bible to the New Testament Letters

     This terrific little book which Sherwood Eliot Wirt wrote in 1962 is sure to inspire you and pique your interest in the New Testament. This is the first of three books we host by Dr. Wirt. Went online, July 2004.

The Henrietta Mears Story

     Dale Evans Rogers, who endorsed this book on the jacket, says that Henrietta Mears "is the most sparkling Christian personality I have ever known, constantly radiating the warmth of Christ." Many thanks to author Barbara Hudson Powers for writing about Miss Mears back in 1957. Went online Christmas Day 2004.

Jesus, Man of Joy

     Can you picture Jesus Christ as a joyful man who people were attracted to even because of His sense of humor? If you can't, you should read this book!!! Dr. Sherwood Wirt — his friends call him "Woody" is back for this encore performance. We are honored, and you will be blessed. Went online January 1, 2005.

Abortion and the Meaning of Personhood

     One of the most frequently quoted books in pro-life literature, Cliff Bajema wrote this excellent discussion in 1974, one year after abortion was legalized in America. Went online in 2005.

Reincarnation : A Christian Critique of a New Age Doctrine — by Mark Albrecht

     Many thanks to Mark Albrecht for this pithy statement about reincarnation (1987 - IVP). Have we led past lives? Are we destined to return to this earth again? Can we, under the right circumstances, recall former lives? Does reincarnation conflict with the teaching of the Bible? Went online February 2005.

The Timelessness of Jesus Christ

     Richard Halverson was the 60th Chaplain of the U.S. Senate and wrote this book in 1982. This online edition coincides with the 10th anniversary of Dick Halverson's home going. The Library of Online Evangelical Christian Books celebrates Pastor Halverson's life and ministry by creating this online edition, one of 26 books he authored in his lifetime. Went online April 2005.

The Witness (a novel)

     Margaret Johnson becomes our first host author to be featured with three books. We are blessed and you will be too by The Witness. Is it wrong to steal from a bunch of crooks? Can Alex and Jenny stay one step ahead of the Chicago mofia? Is Jenny's search for her father more important to her than the love she has always wanted? Went online May 2005.

The Cross on the Mountain : The Beatitudes in the Light of the Cross

     Our third offering by Sherwood Wirt is this 1959 book about the cross of Christ. It was his second book out of 46. Did "Woody" have the cross at Mount Soledad in San Diego in mind when he wrote this? Write to me if you have an opinion. Went online July 2005.

     Here's a short story which could touch your heart....Officer Peter O'Hanlon was patrolling on night duty in northern England some years ago when he heard a quivering sob. Turning, he saw in the shadows a little boy sitting on a doorstep. With tears rolling down his cheeks, the child whimpered, "I'm lost. Please take me home."

     "Where do you live, child? What street?" the officer asked.

     "I don't know," the little boy whimpered.

     The policeman began naming street after street, trying to help him remember where he lived. When that failed, he repeated the names of the shops and hotels in the area, but all without success. Then the policeman remembered that in the center of the city was a well-known church with a large white cross that towered high above the surrounding landscape. He pointed to it and asked, "Do you live anywhere near that church with the cross?"

    The boy's face immediately brightened. "Yes sir, take me to the cross. I can find my way home from there!"

Evangelical Affirmations

     Edited by Kenneth Kantzer and Carl F.H. Henry, here is a 535-page treatise on Evangelicalism by 23 evangelical scholars. This volume was published in 1990 subsequent to the 1989 Evangelical Affirmations consultation. Permission to publish online was granted by T.E.D.S. Went online, February 2006.

Restoring Relationships : The Importance of Forgiving and Being Forgiven

     Ralph Gwinn, professor of philosophy and a member of the first graduating class at Fuller Theological Seminary (1950), gave us a valuable treatise about forgiveness, penned in 2001. Went online, February 2006.

Origins and Destiny : A Scientist Examines God's Handiwork

     The Evangelical Christian Library welcomes Dr. Robert Gange, marking the 20th anniversary of his 1986 book. I also have his tape series entitled, "From the Fringe of the Universe to the Foot of the Cross" which I purchased when I heard him speak in Illinois in 1981. His lectures were nothing short of riveting. I remember the audience hanging on his every word, basking in God's truth as it poured forth from His servant Robert Gange. If you are devoted to truth, this is a must read. Went online June 2006.

Missing from Action : A Powerful Historical Response to the Crisis among American Men

     One of my favorite people in all the world was Terry Somerville. He was my first camp counselor at Redwood Camp in Mount Hermon when I was ten years old. I can remember how Terry would talk through the fence at the swimming pool to his friend Judy, a good-looking lifeguard there. They would talk to each other while we campers stood there and waited for them to finish. It was so cute! And it was worth the wait, because they later got married. I always wondered what they were saying through the fence. About seven years later, Terry went running with me in the mornings through the Roaring Camp and Ponderosa area. And we played lots of basketball together at Ponderosa Lodge. Terry's favorite move was to start on the left of the free-throw line and dribble across the key, grab the ball under his right arm and lay it up. You knee he was going to do it but you still couldn't stop him. I loved it when he showed me his new Honda Civic in 1975! Few people have impacted my life as positively for the Lord as Terry Somerville did. When I learned that Terry had collaborated in the writing of a book, I contacted Weldon Hardenbrook, the author, and the rest is history. This will be my tribute to my friend and sometimes mentor, Terry Somerville. Went online July 2006.

How We Got Our Bible and Why We Believe It Is God's Word

    Published in 1926, this volume is just as relevant and important today as it was back then. The author, Dr. W.H. Griffith Thomas was slated to be among the first professors at Dallas Theological Seminary when it opened in 1924, having been instrumental himself in the founding of the seminary. However, his untimely death just months before the start of classes precluded his professorship. Moody Press published this volume two years later. Dallas Seminary republished it in 1980. Went online September 2006, marking the 80th anniversary of the book.

The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment

     Written by Harry Buis in 1957, this volume is frequently cited in other works. When was the last time you heard a sermon about eternal punishment? About the destiny of the lost? About hell? You say, you haven't? Buckle your spiritual seatbelts and put on your thinking caps. Hell is a real and horrible place where those who reject Christ will be for eternity, experiencing suffering with no remedy. That's what the Bible teaches.

Matt. 25:46. "And these shall go away into eternal punishment: but the righteous into eternal life."

Luke 12:47-48. "And that servant, who knew his lord's will, and made not ready, nor did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes; but he that knew not, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes."

Rev. 14:11. "And the smoke of their torment goeth up for ever and ever; and they have no rest day and night, they that worship the beast and his image, and whoso receiveth the mark of his name."

    There are those who teach (erroneously so) that when unbelievers die, they simply cease to exist, commonly called annihilationism. The Bible rebukes this idea, and so does Pastor Harry Buis in this online edition of his book.

    If you aren't already trying to win your friends to the Lord, and your enemies too, here's a powerful reason..... Hell is not something you should wish on your worst enemy. Love people like God does and persuade them to follow His dear Son, Jesus Christ. Went online, November 2006, anticipating the 50th anniversary of this excellent book.

The Company of the Committed

     Our second entry from Elton Trueblood is this pithy statement about life in the fellowship of God's family. Somehow, this book managed to go out-of-print, but thanks to modern technology we present the online edition of The Company of the Committed (1961). Went online November 2006.

In the Hands of the Potter

    Have you ever felt like your world was collapsing, but you were able to put on such a good act that no could see it? Dale Evans Rogers teaches us what it means to be shaped by the Master Potter so we can live authentically in vital relationship with Him. I met Roy Rogers and Dale Evans when I was a child, after watching them frequently on TV. They were a gift and blessing to the Family of God and modeled Christ to a watching world. Dale signed this book and gave it to my parents in 1994 when she spoke at my Dad's chapel at a Palm Springs resort. Went online December 2006.

Understanding the New Age

     Author Russell Chandler, a friend of my family, and former religion editor at the Los Angeles Times, authorized this online edition of his 1993 book. We are honored to welcome Russ to The Evangelical Christian Library. Went online January 2007.

The Message of Keswick and It's Meaning

     Seldom can you find as much spiritual truth and guidance in one small book as you find in this one. From off my grandfather's shelf comes this hard-to-find 120-page volume about Keswick. Grandpa was an avid participant in Keswick, having attended Keswick Conventions in England at least twice and also at Mount Hermon numerous times. We introduce the 50th Anniversary Online Edition of this 1957 volume, edited by W.H. Aldis. We know it will encourage you in your walk with the Lord. Went online, February 2007.

Growing Into Love Before You Marry

     Joyce Huggett, author of The Joy of Listening to God, knows that people in love become delightfully disoriented. That's why, in this helpful 1982 book, she provides sympathetic guidance for the challenges and questions that young lovers face. How can you tell if you're in love? How can you know who's right for you? What do you hope for in a marriage? What about sex before marriage? Drawing from her rich reservoir of experience as a counselor, Joyce offers her insights in a refreshing way. We completed this book February of 2007, marking the 25th anniversary of its publication!

Five Great Questions of the Bible

     Written in 1958, this title by W.A Criswell will be pertinent for at least as long as it is called "today." He selects five questions that are asked in the Bible and looks into each question, finding serious implications for all of us. Dr. Criswell gave a signed copy of this book to my father in 1959. Went online, March 2007.

The Goal and the Glory : America's Athletes Speak Their Faith

     This was one of my favorite books as a kid. I totally admired Christian athletes and wanted to be like them. Written in 1962, this book has a clear Christian message from athletes who are dedicated to Christ. Went online, April 2007.

The God Who Smiles

     In what appears to be Sherwood Wirt's final foray into the print media, we are pleased to present this volume which stresses God's desire that we find joy in Him and in all of life. Went online, May 2007.

Billy : A Personal Look at Billy Graham, the World's Best-loved Evangelist

     This might be the "magnum opus" of Sherwood Wirt, sharing his insights into and reflections on Billy Graham, the prolific evangelist. Penned in 1997, this is Sherwood Eliot Wirt's 40th book. Went online June 17, 2007.

     Although I've never actually met Billy Graham, I've been to hear him preach six times: Oakland, California in 1971; Seattle, Washington in 1976; Urbana '79; Seoul, Korea in 1984; Fresno, California in 2001; and Pasadena, California, November 19, 2004. My claim to fame in life is that my dad played golf with Billy Graham at Pebble Beach, California, shortly after the 1958 San Francisco Crusade. Hey, I've got a picture of them at Pebble, taken early in the round! The picture is a little blurry, but if you could see it.... you would see how full of golf balls my dad's pockets are — and Billy's pockets aren't. When you stop laughing, please enjoy this book by Sherwood Wirt about Billy Graham.

I Don't Know What Old Is, But Old Is Older Than Me

     From the pen of Sherwood Eliot Wirt in 1992 when he was a spry 81-year-old, here is our fifth book of his. Before you finish reading this, you'll have to trade your rocking chair, wind chimes, and recliner for a back pack and hiking boots. There's no slowing "Woody" down, because God has called him take the mountain, and he's taking all of us along with him. No more contemplating of navals. Come on you guys, let's GO!!! Went online June 2007.

Some Through the Waters

     The deep philosophical thought of this one intelligent Chinese young man gives tremendous insight into young communist minds in China who today seek for an answer to the meaning of life. That meaning, which they believed they had found in Chairman Mao, dissolved in their very hands . . . and today, they search again. Here is an account of a Chinese Red Guard who found freedom and hope in a new world. Went online July 2007.

My Lover, My Friend

     Want to hear what Christian marriage should be like? Better than that, would you like to see it? Check out this book by one of the best Christian models of marriage I've seen, Colleen and Louis Evans, Jr. Went online July 2007.

I Will Do A New Thing: The U.S. Center for World Mission . . . and Beyond

     This is a story of faith of cliff-hanging prayer meetings, of spiritual battle with a Hindu cult, of lessons learned while in the fire of God's testing. But it is mainly the story of what God is doing in our world and faith for what He is about to do tomorrow. Here is a revised edition with three new chapters written by Roberta Winter before she died, plus three up to date chapters by her husband Ralph. The New Thing is Now! Went online September 2007.

Love Your Work

     My former college president, David McKenna, is back for an encore performance with a volume about how we should enjoy our work, especially as we commit it to the Lord for His glory. Considering that he made a career out of training people for the workplace via higher education, we ought to listen carefully to what he has to say, take it to heart, and put it into practice. Went online September 2007.

Corrie's Christmas Memories

    All the family warmth and Christian love in Dutch Christmases past are recalled by Corrie ten Boom in this enchanting book. Corrie's memory reaches back to sweeter times, times when her beloved family met together around the holiday table, when the spirit of the Lord's birthday was truly the center of all the festivities, when the real meaning of Christmas filled each heart with a special joy. Went online November 2007.

Some Run With Feet of Clay

     Written by the lady who played Corrie ten Boom in The Hiding Place, here is a stimulus package for the everyday follower of Jesus. It's not so important how fast you run the race of life, but that you run it with all the strength and ability God gives you. Went online, February 2008.

Women Who Made Bible History

    We often hear about the men in the Bible who lived with great faith and accomplished so much for the Lord. Here is a well-documented outline about twenty women of the Bible who were very influential. One of them was a notorious enemy of God's people, Delilah. Delilah brought Samson low with her deception and wiles, but in the end Samson conquered his own sinfulness and its consequences, turned his heart back to God, and finally acted in faith. Would that all of us would be faithful sooner than Samson was. Written by Harold John Ockenga, former Pastor of Park Street Church, Boston. Went online June 17, 2008.

Churches That Abuse

    Professor Ronald Enroth graciously authorized the online edition of this book he wrote about churches that manipulate and intimidate their members. It brought to mind a young man I used to know who was in a church where the elders made all significant decisions for you. If you wanted to date a girl, it had to be approved. To marry someone, come get approval. Want a particular job?... clear it with the elders. Just got paid? Give the elders your pay stub and be sure you give your 10% to the church. Went online July 2008.

Recovering From Churches That Abuse

     In this sequel to his first book about abusive churches, Professor Ronald Enroth elaborates on his previous work and provides a forum for victims of church abuse, inquiring as to the degree to which each of them have recovered from the abuse. Went online, August 2008.

Managing Your Time

    Penned by one of the most effective leaders in Evangelicalism, Ted Engstrom. We are pleased to present this excellent book about how to maximize your time in order to maximize your effectiveness in all your endeavors, especially in the workplace. Went online September 2008.

I Came To Love You Late

     Imagine the excitement and disbelief as stories about the Teacher of Nazareth spread through the villages of Palestine. Imagine serving Him as a guest in your home. Imagine witnessing firsthand a miracle only God could do. Here is a haunting human drama, drawn from the biblical account of Martha, Mary... and Lazarus. A novel that can happen to you are enveloped in Martha's bittersweet discovery: "I do not know why I came to love you so late, my Lord. But I do love you, Jesus of Nazareth..." Joyce's extensive research has resulted in a faithful re-creation of the people, the culture, the surroundings and the attitudes that existed in Israel in the time of Jesus. Went online October 2008.

Gospel Trailblazer : An African-American Preacher's Historic Journey Across Racial Lines

     From Howard Jones' own pen, here is the compelling story of how he dared to preach the truth of the Gospel to all races even the white churches of the 1950s who didn't want to hear from a black pastor. His willingness to go where no African-American man had ever gone before is both an inspiration and a challenge for all who believe that our only hope of salvation is Jesus Christ. Went online November 2008.

Making Your Faith Your Own

   Author Theresa Vining struggles with such questions as "Is there truth to be found?", "Can the Bible be trusted?" "Why do the innocent suffer?" Doubt in the life of a Christian, if not confronted, is debilitating. If we are to have a faith that will overcome doubt and help light the world, it must be a faith of our own, forged in the furnace of honest seeking and tested in the laboratory of real life. Your journey begins here. Went online November 2008.

Living In Two Worlds : The Wanda Jones Story

    Frequently the object of racial discrimination, Wanda Jones and her husband Howard were able to overcome and find the freedom of working side by side with other Christians in the Kingdom regardless of skin color. Their story encourages black Christians to persevere. Wanda celebrates God's victory in advancing His kingdom in spite of the frailties within His body of believers. Went online, December 2008.

Forgive Me, Natasha : The Sergei Kourdakov Story

    Inflicting terror and suffering upon Russian Christians was his assignment, and he did his job well. I met Sergei Kourdakov in June of 1972 when he spoke at my high school gymnasium, telling the gripping story of his life in communist Russia, his "escape" to North America, and his dramatic conversion to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Forgive Me, Natasha is my personal favorite book at our online library..... you won't be able to put it down. Went online, December 2008.

We Thought We Heard The Angels Sing

     Here is the inspiring story of Eddie Rickenbacker and his crew of eight men who were dispatched by the Army in 1942 to perform reconnaissance of air bases prior to America's advance into the Pacific theatre, World War II. Having become lost due to high winds, they had to ditch their plane at sea and spent 21 days on the ocean waters (in inadequate rafts) before being rescued. A riveting and gripping story about a little New Testament (with Psalms), prayer, miracles of God's provision, teamwork, creative solutions, patience, tragedy, and trust in the One who is able to deliver from calamity. From the pen of Lieutenant James Whittaker, one of the seven who survived. Prior to online publication, this webmaster spoke with Johnny Bartek, the soldier who providentially brought the Word of God into the middle of one of the greatest stories of survival you will ever read about. Went online, Christmas Day 2008, sixty-six years after the ordeal upon the waters of the Pacific.

The Tagalog New Testament

    For the benefit of our Filipino friends, here is the New Testament in Tagalog. It consists of one large file (almost 2 MB) so it may take a while to load. If you like it in separate chapters, please visit The Bible Gateway.

For the Love of Mike : The Michael MacIntosh Story

    Michael MacIntosh had seen and done it all: Marriage on a whim that lasted six weeks; UFO — watching in a drug-induced haze; incarceration in the mental ward of the Orange County Medical Center. He was a free spirit, a product of the '60's. He could not have been more miserable. By 1970, his desire to follow the lifestyle of the Beatles had led him nowhere, and on his twenty-sixth birthday, MacIntosh found his true Savior — Jesus Christ. Two years later he was ordained, his marriage was restored and in 1974 he started teaching a Bible study in San Diego, California at the insistence of his friends. Twelve people were in that original Bible study. Today, more than 50 churches have started as a result of Mike's ministries, and untold thousands in dozens of countries have begun a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Went online January 2009, about one month after the home-going of the beloved author of this book, Sherwood Eliot Wirt.

How Great Christians Met Christ

    Ever wondered how Harry Ironside met Christ? Or Francis of Assisi? Or Dwight L. Moody? Or Hudson Taylor? Here are the stories of forty well-known Christians and how they came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Spanning twenty centuries, they include people from Justin Martyr and Augustine to James Garfield and Billy Graham. Written in 1973 by James Hefley, and given to me by my parents that same year, this book is pure spiritual dynamite! I will dedicate it in memory of Jim and Marti Hefley who died within two months of each other in 2004 after 51 years of marriage. Went online, January 2009.

Ethel Waters : I Touched a Sparrow

    Actress Ethel Waters became a changed woman when she met Christ. She appeared many times at Billy Graham crusades and was most famous for singing "His Eye Is on the Sparrow" (and I know He watches me). We had the joy of hosting this book online for five years but have removed it from our website per the wishes of the author; Twila Knaack became a close friend and care-giver to Ethel during the final seven years of Ethel's life. Twila provides many insights into Ethel's personality and relationship with God. You may still read this excellent book as it is presently hosted at the Way Back Machine.

Dating, Sex & Friendship : An Open and Honest Guide to Healthy Relationships

    This is our second title by Joyce Huggett; it gets more into the details of what God expects of young people who are building relationships. Dating raises endless questions. God made us to love and be loved. He made us sexual. But he also made us more than glandular beings. He has called us not just to passion but also to compassion.

    Joyce Huggett is open and honest about our sexuality, our questions and our struggles. She discusses many important topics such as starting friendships, telling the difference between infatuation and affection, dealing with exclusiveness, petting, breaking up, and dating non-Christians. Went online, March 2009.

What About Horoscopes?

    This webmaster had the honor of meeting author Joseph Bayly in 1979. He was a prolific Christian writer and best known for being a columnist with Eternity magazine. Here is his evaluation of horoscopes and astrology from an evangelical and Biblical perspective. Went online, May 2009.

The Best of D.L. Moody : Twenty-three sermons by the great evangelist

    Preached more than a century ago, these timeless words from one of the greatest preachers of all time are now available here online. Get out your Bible and get ready to learn from a man whose life was changed by his Savior. The world has rarely witnessed a man who impacted the world for the Lord as much as Dwight Lyman Moody. Went online, June 2009.

Hearts Afire

    Our second offering from Vance Havner, the eminent Southern Baptist pastor. Consists of twenty-one sermons that penetrate the heart of any listener. Went online, June 2009.

When Our Parents Need Us Most: Loving Care in the Aging Years

    We are pleased to present our third title by David L. McKenna, my former college president and a big fan of The Evangelical Christian Library. A very timely book as baby boomers are already taking care of our ailing and aging parents. Went online, June 2009.

The Fine Art of Friendship: Building and Maintaining Quality Relationships

    We are honored to present this second offering from Dr. Ted Engstrom, a man who understood not only the workplace, but personal relationships too. You will find that His wisdom and insights into relationships are timeless and helpful to anyone, especially to us in the fellowship of believers in Jesus. Went online, July 2009.

The Disciplines of Life — Raymond Edman

    This is our first book from the 4th president of Wheaton College, Dr. V. Raymond Edman. He asserts that the old academic "disciplines" such as mathematics, ancient languages, and grammar are being ignored as obsolete and unimportant. Above all, the discipline of divine grace is derided as legalism or is entirely unknown to a generation that is largely illiterate in the Scriptures. Read this to learn how Dr. Edman sets the record straight for the glory of God and points us back to the true meaning of discipline in the Christian life. Went online, August 2009

They Call Me Mother Graham

    Here is an intimate, loving account reflecting the years that shaped the greatest evangelist of our time — Billy Graham. Morrow Coffey Graham, the remarkable woman who is the mother of "Billy Frank," shares a wealth of family memories, as only a mother can do. In a day when the bonds that hold families together are unraveling as never before, THEY CALL ME MOTHER GRAHAM stands is a striking example of the power that Christ can have in the home. This is family life which develops dynamic personal relationships that Billy and his sisters and brother carry with them to this day. Went online, August 2009.

Contemporary Christian Music : Where it came from, What it is, and Where it's going

    Written by Paul Baker in 1985, this book is all about Contemporary Christian music (CCM), its dynamic history, philosophy, and future. It covers both major and minor CCM artists highlighting their influences, struggles and achievements. If you like music, this book is a must-read. See if your favorite singers or groups are mentioned here. Went Online, September 2009.

What Jesus Says : The Master Teacher and Life's Problems

    Written by Robert Boyd Munger, this will be our 2nd offering by him. It was the first book he wrote after publishing My Heart Christ's Home, the prolific booklet that sold 15 million copies. Check chapter 15 for an in-depth look at our hearts as Christ's home. Went online, September 2009.

Passport to Life City : A Modern Pilgrim's Progress

    Follow the adventure of Chris Anders, a computer salesman as he encounters what could only be termed a hair-raising trip. If you've ever read Pilgrim's Progress by John Milton, you will see some parallels here. Find out what Chris needed in order to be admitted to Life City. Went online, September 2009.

How to Solve Conflicts : A Practical Study of the Book of James

    This is our first offering from Dr. George Sweeting of Moody Bible Institute. This book is written with the expressed purpose of stimulating you to further study of the epistle of James. It is not intended to be a full commentary on the epistle, but rather a practical discussion of the principle topics James deals with in his letter. The author trusts that it will be helpful to you as you "put feet to your faith" in your daily walk with Christ. Went online, October 2009.

Revolutionary Love

    Already in our online books library is a novel based on the life of Festo Kivengere (See The Man Who Would Not Hate). Here now is a book written by this popular and beloved evangelist. He speaks of a kind of love that overcomes hatred, a love for people that can only come from God. Went online, October 2009.

The Rudy Atwood Story

    If you ever heard Rudy Atwood play the piano, you share my view that he was the best piano player of Christian hymns who ever lived. He might be best known as the accompanist for the Old Fashioned Revival Hour in Long Beach, California. He wrote this book in 1970 and we have put it online for you in October 2009.

Welcome To The Rest of Your Life: A Guide to Worry-Free Retirement

    Here is our third book by Ted Engstrom providing financial advice from a Christian perspective, assisting the reader in planning for retirement. Went online, November 2009.

How to Sing a Love Song: Loving Your Mate with Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment

    This volume by Eugene Whitney provides valuable personal experience and advice for married couples, comparing a beautiful marriage to a beautiful song. Went online, November 2009.

Don't Bet On It

    What does the Bible say about gambling? Do lotteries really increase state revenue? What does placing a bet say about your faith? How does legalized gambling concern the Christian? Tom Watson explores these and other issues in this 1987 book about gambling. Went online, November 2009.

Woman to Woman

    Peace is not something we can wrap in a package or store away on a shelf. It is not a 'something' at all. It is a Person. Peace is Jesus Christ Himself. He has given us a conscious mind with which to take hold of this. We control that conscious mind. Whether you feel peaceful or not as you read these lines, if you belong to Jesus Christ, you have peace, because you have Him. Here is Eugenia Price's advice for young Christian women. Went online, December 2009.

Strictly Personal : The Adventure of Discovering What God is Really Like

    Eugenia Price says: I shall be constantly hopeful that you will join me in the glorious adventure of discovering what God is really like! Strictly Personal is for those who are seeking peace with God, not those who are merely seeking a way out of their troubles. This book is a refreshing breeze... exhilarating.... a sure word for an unsure age. Went online, December 2009.

The Chance of a Life Time : Helps for Servicemen

    This little booklet by Billy Graham was handed out to millions in the U.S. Armed Forces in the 1950s. It's spiritual and practical message is timeless and can be useful for anyone who is in the military today or in the service of our Lord in any capacity. In other words, it has a pertinent message for every Christian. Went online, December 2009.

Grandparents Can

    There are so many things that grandparents can do and be to their grandkids which also can enhance relationships with their own children. Come and find out what Dale Evans Rogers says on this important subject. Went online, January 2010.

There I Stood In All My Splendor

    Take a look at life with this irrepressible onlooker who got into the act in spite of herself. Before you know it, you will too! On TV, radio, on the platform, in her "Story" records and in her writing, Ethel Barrett has been talking most of her adult life. She is nationally known as a speaker at Executive Dinner Clubs and as a conference speaker.

    If you enjoyed "Sometimes I Feel Like a Blob" and "Storytelling — It's Easy," you will enjoy this book. It is written in Mrs. Barrett's same effortless, easy-to-read style. Went online, February 2010.

The Overcomers

    Everyone wants to be successful. But first, he or she must learn how to overcome the obstacles in the way of personal progress. These people can show you the secrets of successful living — Ann Kiemel, Elisabeth Elliot, Maria Von Trapp, Elton Trueblood, Bill and Gloria Gaither. Well-known personalities like these and many more tell the exciting, true stories of how they have dealt with problems in their lives. Men and women, young and old, of different races and backgrounds, they can show you how they overcome their problems through the Spirit of Christ. From the pen of Russell Chandler, we encounter their personal experiences, revealing how the Lord sustained them as they worked towards success or dealt with the problems that resulted from that success. Their personal stories will inspire you and guide you in the face of major crises and everyday hassles and problems. Went online, March 2010.

Living and Growing Together : Today's Christian Family

    The writers in Living and Growing Together are convinced that there is much that families — especially Christian families — can do to deepen the ties and strengthen the spiritual dimension of the home. Each writer speaks out of the depths of his or her heart and life. Each presents a helpful, hopeful approach to the cultivation and maintenance of a stable, Christ-like home. The chapters were originally prepared for the Continental Congress on the Family in St. Louis, Missouri in 1975. The authors were selected because of their professional expertise, their Christian faith, and their commitment to helping families mature and grow. Went online, March 2010.

My Answer

    In this 1960 book, Billy Graham answers several hundred of the most interesting questions put to him in his syndicated column — a column that has been carried for several years, five days a week, by over 150 newspapers.

    The wide variety of subjects covered here are of great importance to everyone — dating, marriage, children, teen-age problems, divorce, death, religion, war, and many more. Dr. Billy Graham's sympathy and common sense, in addition to his wide knowledge of the Bible, make his thoughtful replies helpful and inspiring reading for all. Went online, April 2010.

World Aflame

    Billy calls it "the most important book I've ever written." "This book," states Billy Graham, "is intentionally controversial. I hope that something of what I have written will shock readers out of apathy into the reality of our desperate condition individually and socially." Went online, May 2010.

Mary : What the Bible Really Says

    This book by Douglas Connelly provides a true picture of Mary — a portrait drawn from Scripture with both the overlay of tradition and the dust of neglect removed. Where needed, there are correctives to historical church teaching, but the focus is the clear light of Scripture. Be prepared to have your own life changed. God is still seeking men and women like Mary who will be obedient to his call. Mary's words to us today are the same as she instructed the servants at the wedding in Cana in John chapter 2..... "Whatever Jesus says.... do it." Went online, May 2010.

Prayer : Conversing With God

    "Prayer is a dialogue between two persons who love each other." With this profound insight, Rosalind Rinker — writer, missionary, and dedicated evangelical worker — gives the key to a simple yet powerfully effective method of increasing the joy and meaning of your prayers. As nearly one million readers have discovered, Prayer: Conversing With God is a fresh and inspiring guide, based on the eternal promise: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them." Went online, May 2010.

The Evidence That Convicted Aida Skripnikova

    The name of Aida Skripnikova came to the attention of the Western world as a young Russian girl sent to prison for her religious beliefs. Other names had also surfaced, and we on the outside wondered what the situation in the Soviet Union was. Was there persecution? If so, how extensive was it and what form did it take? Penned in 1973, Michael Bourdeaux offers here a portrait of a courageous girl, and others like her, who maintained their convictions in the face of State and social pressures, including imprisonment. Went online, June 2010.

Racing Toward 2001 : The Forces Shaping America's Religious Future

    This is a benchmark book. It will help you cope with the coming global changes and tell you how to harness the forces shaping the next age. Russell Chandler is a perceptive and articulate guide who points out the pitfalls as he hustles us across a vast and complex landscape. Read this book before the future leaves you in the dust. Went online, July 2010.

Reflections On A Pilgrimage : Six Decades of Service

    Reflections on a Pilgrimage is a sweeping personal recollection of Dr. Ted Engstrom's six decades of ministry from Christian book editor in the 1940's to head of Youth For Christ in the 1950s and 60s, to leader of the international World Vision ministry until the late 1980s. In this memoir, Dr. Engstrom shares the personal excitement and spiritual adventure of ministering in 136 countries around the world. Went online, July 2010.

God in the Garden : The Story of the Billy Graham New York Crusade

Please see the WayBack machine version of this online book

    Here is the full account of the greatest series of evangelistic meetings in history. From May 15 to September 1 of 1957 more than two million persons went to New York's Madison Square Garden to hear Billy Graham preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. More than fifty-six thousand persons came forward at the meetings to pledge their lives to Christ. Millions more across the nation watched the meetings on TV and were moved by what the evangelist said. This crusade marked the first time that Billy Graham's crusade meetings were broadcast live on television. Come and read about the New York Crusade with Billy Graham. Went online, September 2010.

Heart To Heart With Pastors' Wives

    Here are the stories and wisdom of twelve women who live day in and day out in the fishbowl of being a "ministry wife." They share their concerns about their children, their husbands and their own needs. Find out how they have conquered the struggles of a life in the public eye and at the same time found God's purpose for their own lives. Compiled by Lynne Dugan, we are pleased to host Mrs. Dugan's book which marks our first "husband and wife set of authors" (of separate books) at our online library, as we also host the online edition of her husband Robert Dugan's book. Went online, September 2010.

The Psychology of Jesus: The Dynamics of Christian Wholeness

    "David McKenna has written an illuminating study of Jesus in the light of modern psychological insights. Throughout the book we see Jesus in broader perspective — fully man, fully God, and fully our Lord and Savior. His examination of the counseling and teaching of Jesus is especially helpful. I commend this book especially to pastors and serious Bible students." [Billy Graham, from the book's back cover]. Went online, September 2010.

Revival In Our Time : The Story of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Campaigns including Six of his Sermons

    When so many eye-witnesses give the same account of revival fires breaking out across the country we must realize that this is God's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. May those who read these lines pray earnestly for the individuals God is using as channels of blessing to thousands of souls. Here is a book from early in Billy Graham's ministry that provides a look into his Biblical insights and keen understanding of the needs of the human soul.... to receive and live our lives whole-heartedly for the Lord Jesus Christ. Went online, September 2010.

Angels Around Us: What the Bible Really Says

    Douglas Connelly has studied what the Bible says about angels — and you may be surprised at what's there. What is the role of angels in the world and in our lives? Read a number of stories about how angels helped those who are believers in Christ and other stories where it's difficult to say whether or not it was an angel or just the miraculous help of God. Please be blessed by this our second offering from Pastor Connelly. Click here for the first one. Went online, October 2010.

The Top Ten Ways to Drive Your Wife Crazy, and how to avoid them!

    If you're like most husbands, you'd give anything to experience harmony in your home, divorce-proof your marriage, earn your wife's respect, and rekindle your passion. The trouble is, unless you know what's standing between you and a really great marriage, you won't know how to achieve it. That's why authors Hans and Donna Finzel came up with The Top Ten Ways to Drive Your Wife Crazy to give you a clear-eyed look at some of the most common mistakes husbands tend to make in their marriage. But this book doesn't dwell on the negatives. Rather, it offers sound biblical, practical, and often fun insights into how to turn marital weaknesses into strengths on which, with a little work, you can build the God-honoring marriage you've always wanted! Since going online in November 2010, this book has stayed in our top ten most popular titles!

Sex and the Bible

    Jack Wyrtzen lifts the shade on sexual sin and moral indifference that is rising to alarming proportions among the youth of America. He includes letters from young people with broken hearts and provides Biblical answers that are sure to be relevant to just about anyone who wants to know if there is forgiveness (there is !!!) and a way to find a new and fresh start through a relationship with Jesus Christ as one's Lord. Went online, November 2010.

Youth Education in the Church

     Drawing upon the expertise of some 38 knowledgeable and successful youth leaders from all over the United States, editors Roy Zuck and Warren Benson present an excellent outline for youth ministry and a blueprint for teaching Christian Education in colleges and seminaries. It stresses that the major thrust of youth ministry should not be on problem solving but on helping youth to become aware of the possibilities found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. This volume is our most ambitious project to date and we are certain you will find valuable and practical information to assist you in your youth ministry. Went online, December 2010.

While It Is Day

     This is the autobiography of D. Elton Trueblood. The 31st of 34 books he wrote, it traces his personal journey from his boyhood in Iowa placing it in the context of the history of his family's long connection with Quakerism. The chapters are titled as follows: Child, Student, Teacher, Author, Minister, Yokefellow, Father, and Rambler. Called informally by some the Dean of American Religious Writing, Elton Trueblood embodied the essence of what it means to be a Christian, what it means to take up our cross(es) and follow Jesus. Went online, January 2011.

Monganga Paul : The Congo Ministry and Martyrdom of Paul Carlson, M.D.

     Lois Carlson Bridges brings us her personal narrative tracing the life and ministry of her husband Paul. They ministered in the Congo in the heart of Africa. It's a fascinating account including many episodes of Dr. Carlson meeting the demanding medical needs of native people, opening a window to them of the love of Jesus, a window that many came through and found Him as Savior. Went online, January 2011.

A Place To Stand : A Practical Guide to Christian Faith as a Solid Point From Which to Operate in Contemporary Living

     Marked by clarity and conviction, Elton Trueblood refreshes us with his passion for truth that leads him to the heart of Christian affirmations. This book offers intellectual honesty and a solid theological foundation for the ordinary seeker who is attempting to follow Christ. [Note from the webmaster.... you may not find Trueblood's writings to be typically or always "evangelical" in nature, though he likes to be identified as such. I would be interested in your observations when you finish reading this book] Went online, February 2011.

Miracles : What the Bible Says

     Claims of Miracle stories are all around us. They come from New Agers, Christian Scientists and Hindus as well as Christians with a broad range of theologies. How are we to evaluate the validity of miracles in the light of biblical truth? Douglas Connelly has looked at what Scripture has to say and can help you understand what it means. This book evaluates a variety of true and false miracle accounts as well as the signs and wonders movement and physical healing, while offering a biblical picture. This book will encourage and nurture your faith whether you are just wondering about miracles or anxiously waiting for one. Went online, February 2011.

Why Pro-Life? : Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers

     No issue is more divisive or troubling than abortion. Many believe that we have to choose between helping women and helping children. This book by Randy Alcorn shows how critical it is that we help both. In a concise, nonabrasive fashion, Randy Alcorn offers compassionate, factual answers to the central issues of the abortion debate. Went online, February 2011.

Gil Dodds : The Flying Parson

     Gil Dodds was the AAU mile champion in 1942, 1944, and 1947. Indoors he set the American mile record of 4:06.5 in 1943 in Boston. Known as "The Flying Parson", he graduated from seminary in 1945 and retired from running to be a full-time minister. In 1947, he resumed running with the goal of making the 1948 Olympic team. In January 1948, he won his third Wanamaker Mile in 4:05.3, a career best time and the third time he had broken the world indoor record for the mile. One week before the Olympic Trials, he caught the mumps and injured his Achilles tendon and could not run the qualifying meet. He went on to work with the new "Youth for Christ" youth organization and became the track and cross country coach at Wheaton College (1945-1959). Went online, March 2011.

The Islam Debate : Josh McDowell and John Gilchrist vs. Ahmed Deedat

     In August of 1981, a debate took place in South Africa between a Christian (Josh McDowell) and a Muslim (Ahmed Deedat). Islam, as reflected in the origins of this debate (it was initiated by Mr. Deedat) is committed to challenging the claims of Christianity. In many situations what is looked at is a false Christianity. What is needed is not an abandonment of the contest, but for discussion to be greatly increased in a spirit of amicability, love and mutual understanding. The debate was attended by about 6,000 people. In this book the entire debate is reproduced without bias. Accordingly, all readers, whether Christian or Muslim, are free to judge for themselves. We are convinced that the debate furthered the cause of the Christian gospel among the Muslims of South Africa. With such a conviction, we have published this book. It is our firm persuasion that it will do much to further the ministry of the gospel to Muslims throughout the whole world. (from the introduction) Josh McDowell helps you understand every key difference between the Muslim and Christian faiths. If you are ready to love and share your faith with those of the Islamic persuasion in a new way, you are ready for The Islam Debate. Went online, March 2011.

Calling Youth to Christ : Messages by Billy Graham

    Like metal forged in the heat of the fire are these eight messages which have come hot from the heart of Billy Graham. No one knows the problems of modern youth and the solutions to those problems better than Billy. We present here Billy Graham's first book, written when he was 29 years old in 1947. This is our fifth online book edition authored by Billy Graham. Went online, March 2011.

Hooks, Lines and Sinkers : A Compilation

    Probably the least-known book written by Ted Engstrom, here is our fifth offering from this beloved author, a book full of humor, (most of it "Christian humor") our first foray into that genre. Went online, April 2011.

Man to Man : A Devotional Book for Men

    Here's a primer on the Christian life by Richard Halverson, former chaplain of the United States Senate. It can also be used as a daily devotional, written in short chapters. If you want the basics about living your faith-walk with Christ or need to get back to basics, this book is for you. Book was formerly owned by webmaster's grandfather, a man of God. Went online, April 2011.

A Life Well Lived : 52 Inspiring Real-life Stories for Devotion, Study and Family Reading

    Pastor John MacArthur said about this book, "The individual stories in this book never end and they all point back to the power and preference of God manifesting His grace and glory in the lives of His people." Author Jim Gwinn has written a heartwarming and challenging book that will show you how God works in our lives for His glory. Went online, May 2011.

How Silently, How Silently and Other Stories

     Listen now as a storyteller for our times creates new worlds of mystery, drama, humor and eerie science fiction that will return to haunt you ... Steal into this book for a wealth of imaginative entertainment that begins in escape and ends in discovery! Our second title from Joseph Bayly. This book is no longer hosted by us, however, if you click on this link, you can find it elsewhere. Went online, June 2011.

Heaven's Back Row : A Journey of Hope from Sexual Brokenness and HIV to a New Beginning

     The HIV diagnosis tore open the deepest secret of his life. He had a wife, two children, and a full-time Christian ministry. But he lived in two worlds. He knew that his hidden life was unacceptable to himself, to others, and to God. The sexual brokenness that troubled him as a youth, now tortured him as an adult. And it found expression through homosexual relationships. Heaven's Back Row is his miraculous story of hope and healing. No hiding place could keep him from God's love and mercy. God delivered him from deep-rooted sin, repeated failure, and certain death.

     While this title is not actually online, we receive frequent email requests about the book from people who want to read it. If you live outside of North America and are unable to purchase the book we will help you to obtain it or try to accommodate you in some fashion under the rules of "Fair Use." Please click on the link for this book and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. Until we hear from you, may God bless you real good! Available as of July 2011.

Count It All Joy: A Mother's Love For Her Handicapped Son

     Betty McKay tells with compassion and humor some of the joys and sorrows of bringing up James, who was handicapped from birth. There are frustrations and laughter, tears and smiles, heartache and blessings. Most of all there is the growing awareness that God is in control. Step by step, as needs have arisen, God has taken charge. He is the one who has this "educable" handicapped boy and made him a man of whom his parents never cease to be proud. This story will challenge those who have no experience of handicap and encourage those who are having to go through similar trials in their lives. Went online, July 2011.

Amazing Grace : The Meaning of God's Grace—And How It Can Change Your Life

     Our first title by James Montgomery Boice is "Amazing Grace." This was republished six years later as "The Glory of God's Grace." Essentially it traces the concept of the grace of God throughout the Bible and especially in the New Testament where the word "grace" appears 128 times. Went online, July 2011.

Whose Voice Are You Listening To? A Comparison of the Catholic Catechism to the Bible

     Author Marlene Crouch emailed me and asked if I would include her book (a PDF version) here at our evangelical library of online books. I was more than happy to accept. I'll come back and create a main page for it soon, but you can read the entire book by opening the link to the PDF file. Went online, August 2011.

Homosexuality : A Biblical View

     Written by Greg Bahnsen, a Westmont College graduate, in 1978. The author clearly shows that God's intention for the human race is for intimate relationships to be heterosexual and not homosexual. I agree with most of this book, especially chapter two, "Homosexuality as Sin" and chapter three, "The Act / Orientation Distinction... "

     However, chapter five (with which I don't agree) comes out of the author's "reconstructionist" framework. He states on page 123, "... the Christian will view homosexuality not only as a sin, but also as a crime. If homosexuality is properly taken as a crime, it cannot be thought of as a civil right in any sense." In reconstructionism, the goal for the Christian is to (help God) establish His Kingdom right here right now on earth, not have to wait for the return of Christ. Therefore, as Bahnsen believes, since the Bible teaches that homosexuality was to be punishable with the death penalty, therefore, God's moral law ought to be overlayed upon civil law in every society and homosexuality would result in capital punishment. I wish the author could have discussed civil rights (about homosexuality) without the necessity to impose the death penalty or other (unnamed by him) punishment for homosexuality.

     In any event, the earlier chapters are worth reading and should remain as a valuable contribution in the GLBT debate for years to come. Went online, August 2011.

If I'm so Free, How Come I feel Boxed In

     Graphically illustrating his points with anecdotes and episodes from the lives and experiences of everyday people, as well as from his own life, Dennis Guernsey anchors his discussion on the firm biblical base: "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed" (John 8:36). You don't need to feel "boxed in" anymore! Join him in this mind-expanding journey! Webmaster's note: In the late 1970's, Dennis Guernsey became the most popular conference speaker at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center. The family camps filled up to over-flowing and I remember listening to him speak and afterwards watching the line of people wanting to talk to him continuing on for thirty minutes or more. I attributed this to Dr. Guernsey's warmth and encouraging personality. And maybe a sense of "come get your hug!" Went online, September 2011.

How To Read A Christian Book

     In How to Read a Christian Book, David McKenna offers helpful methods for choosing and reading books, judging the quality of books, and building a personal library. The author emphasizes the importance of reading as a spiritual discipline and suggests that we should be reading Christian books as part of our daily schedule. Went online, September 2011.

The Struggle for Inner Peace : A wise practical counselor shows you the biblical way to overcome the many stresses of living

     Are you trying to cope but losing the war? Does worry, fear, guilt, or temptation threaten to drag you under? Is emotional stress beginning to affect you physically? Will your mind ever be free?

    Inner peace may be a struggle, even for committed Christians, declares Dr. Henry Brandt. But he points out that victory is certain when you daily acknowledge your weaknesses and surrender yourself totally to the promises and commands of God.

    Mixing case studies with practical, biblical advice, the author offers hope to the hurting and peace to the perplexed. The price may be high, but a lightened emotional load — one that allows you to breathe easier and enjoy life more than ever before — is definitely worth the sacrifice. You can win the struggle for inner peace. Went online, October 2011.

To Life Anew

     We're pleased to present this novel by Christine Hunter, wife of our author John Hunter. Christine is the author of fourteen novels. Will Daphne always be under the controlling influence of her heavily-drinking father? Can she find true peace and happiness without finding the Lord Jesus? Will she fall for the abusive tricks of Forster who won't take "no" for his demand to marry her? Will Andrew Stewart wait on the Lord and be the steady and godly influence who Daphne needs in her life? Went online, January 2012.

The Social Conscience of the Evangelical

    We welcome yet another title by Sherwood Eliot Wirt, former editor of Billy Graham's Decision magazine. In this prolific volume about the evangelical's posture toward social issues, you will find a kind of germination of what grew into a significant movement in the late 20th Century and on into the 21st. Leighton Ford observed about this book, "Commitment to Christ must involve commitment to our neighbor and our world, for Christ's sake." Went online, February 2012.

God's Inerrant Word

     These are papers presented at a 1973 conference of evangelicals, an international symposium on the trustworthiness of Scripture. Edited by John Warwick Montgomery and contributors such as R.C. Sproul, John Frame, and J.I. Packer. Went online, February 2012.

The Power of Biblical Thinking

    Ralph Keiper was a professor at Denver Seminary for many years and spoke on occasion at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center, the favorite speaker of this webmaster. On the back cover Dr. Keiper writes: "We have found that when men and women meant business with the Lord, there was a great change in their lives and they became victors of their circumstances. We have also noted how God's Word played a large part in their spiritual experience. In days of old, God spoke directly to his servants. Today, we have His written Word, the Bible, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to do for us what God did directly for them. To the degree that they were obedient to God's Will there was blessing. The same can be true for us. To the degree that we study God's Word, to that degree will we master the art of biblical thinking and come to experience its power." Went online, March 2012.

Great Sermons on the Birth of Christ by Celebrated Preachers

    This book is a rare collection of sermons by famous preachers such as Charles Spurgeon, Alexander Whyte, Martin Luther, G. Campbell Morgan, and Harold John Ockenga expounding the Scriptures on the subject of the advent of Jesus Christ. The book's compiler, Wilbur M. Smith, provides biographical information on each preacher. Online production of this volume began during the Christmas season of 2011. We are most pleased to present it to our readers in this online edition as of May 2012. As of 2014, we have all three volumes in this series, i.e., Great Sermons on the Death of Christ & Great Sermons on the Resurrection of Christ (see below).

Is God At Home?

     Here is a rare collection of short messages by J. B. Phillips, subtitled, "30 Brief Messages on Basic Christian Beliefs." Phillips, a graduate of Cambridge University and Anglican minister, was best known for his easy-to-understand translations of the Bible, particularly the New Testament. His Phillips New Testament in Modern English is one of the most commonly quoted translations of the Scriptures. Went online, May 2012.

And You Visited Me : The Story of Prison Fellowship Scotland

     Here is a collection of testimonies by prisoners, ex-prisoners, and staff affiliated with Prison Fellowship of Scotland. You will be touched to read what God has done, how He has changed people's lives through a ministry which finds people who are at perhaps the lowest point in their lives and raises them up to the heights of heaven through a relationship with the Lord Jesus. You won't want to miss reading this. The title is based on the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:36: "I was in prison and you came to visit me." Went online, June 2012.

Your Mighty Fortress : Cultivating Your Inner Life With God

     With his warm and witty style, Sherwood Wirt presents a model of the Christian life brimming with joy, contentment and intimacy. But best of all, he says, anyone — regardless of background, position or station in life — can foster this kind of inner life. Went online, July 2012.

The Incendiary Fellowship

     "I came to cast fire on the earth" is one of the most neglected of Jesus' sayings. In this book, Elton Trueblood writes that the fire cast on the earth two thousand years ago by Jesus is flickering with alarming faintness... It is absolutely vital that Christianity should again become a vibrant, fighting force ... Trueblood shows how the Church can be set aflame today as it was in the first century of Christianity. Went online, July 2012.

Heritage & Hope : The Legacy and Future of the Black Family in America

     Prominent black evangelist Howard Jones, long associated with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, joins his wife, Wanda, in a penetrating look into the black family in America, its past, present, and future. They challenge black men to fulfill the role only they can fill as husbands and fathers. They discuss ways that parents can strengthen their families through stronger discipline and guidance of children. "Without a relationship to Christ, no family is complete," the authors emphasize. "He is the building block on which all other issues rest. Christ offers hope for all families who are suffering." Went online September 2012.

Conflict and Conscience

     “People are not particularly interested in our ideas; they are interested in our experiences. They are not searching for theories but for convictions. They want to penetrate our rhetoric in order to discover the reality of our lives.... An unabashed candor about our deepest convictions will be respected if we convey them in an authentic spirit of humility and explicate them by the tested quality of our lives.” With such poignant remarks, five-term U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield pointed the way for American evangelicals during the Vietnam War. Not many were listening. We are listening now. Went online September 2012.

Pleasant Paths

     This Vance Havner book was given by my grandfather to my Mom when she was sick. Grandpa wrote in the front:  Dear (her name), Trust this finds you feeling better. The Lord bless you. Mother & Daddy (and the date). Thus this book became a "family heirloom." This is our third title by Pastor Havner, the popular Southern Baptist preacher and contains 30 devotionals. Went online October 2012.

Filipino Values and Our Christian Faith

     Despite Westernized education and outlook, we Filipino Christians remain essentially children of our culture, hardly conscious of how our values, customs and traditions impinge on our biblical faith. Perhaps it is time to reflect and ask ourselves honest questions, suggests author Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano. What is the value of pakikisama (fellowship) in the context of new life in Christ?  How far should our utang na loob extend? How does the expression "It must be God's will" differ from bahala na? Mrs. Feliciano urges us to begin examining ourselves, and seriously consider the possibilities of what we can become. Went online, November 2012.

Between Heaven and Earth : Conversations with American Christians

     Here is a series of conversations between German Theologian Helmut Thielicke and American Christians, covering a range of biblical, theological and ethical themes, from biblical criticism and the Virgin Birth, to racial integration and the Nazi regime. This book grew out of a visit by Dr. Thielicke to America in the 1960s. Went online, December 2012.

You Can Trust the Bible : Our Foundation for Belief and Obedience

     If we tried to get to know God without his help, we would be hopelessly lost. But God does help us. He wants us to know him. He even sent his Son to show us who he is. Today God reveals himself in his written Word. The Bible speaks God's words and tells his thoughts. As John Stott explains here, the Bible is the witness of the Father to the Son through the Holy Spirit. How can we know God? By reading his Word — and by responding to its witness. This book sets us on the right path. Went online, December 2012.

Same-Sex Partnerships? A Christian contribution to contemporary debate

     Many people think that homosexuality is a Christian option and churches are divided on the issue. John Stott surveys the contemporary arguments supporting monogamous homosexual relationships and tests them against Scripture. He explains clearly, yet with compassion, why same-sex partnerships are less than God intends for human intimacy. At the same time he calls the church to reach out to all with Christ's love. Went online, April 2013.

Christian Theology : A Systematic Presentation

    Here is our most comprehensive foray into Theology. Written by a long-time professor at Moody Bible Institute, this is theology which thoroughly corresponds with this site. Here is what the author says in the preface: "The viewpoint of the author avowedly is that the Holy Scriptures are fully inspired of God. Their statements are to be accepted at their face value." He proceeds to exhaustively quote Scripture throughout the book, allowing the Bible to interpret the Bible. Even this webmaster learned a lot while entering the text online. Enjoy, be challenged, and edified! Went online, August 2013.

God's Methods for Holy Living : Practical Lessons in Experimental Holiness

    If you are looking for advice on how to either become a Christian or how a Christian ought to live under the Lordship of Christ, you will want to read this book. It's a comprehensive yet brief manual on following Jesus. These are sermons by Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse and we are blessed to have this valuable collection. Went online, September 2013.

It Is Time

     Here is our fourth book by Vance Havner, another collection of his sermons. Very adroit and biblical. Got the book from my grandfather's library. Went online, November 2013.

Ang Cristianong Mandirigma: Diskurso sa Efeso 6:10-18

     We are pleased to welcome Perseville Mendoza of the Philippines as our latest author. This booklet is packed with biblical inspiration for the Christian to face all the battles of life, namely in the strength of the Lord and with the spiritual armor He provides us. Went online, December 2013.

Out of My Mind : The Best of Joe Bayly

     Here is our second title by author Joe Bayly who this webmaster had the privilege of meeting in 1979. He was a prolific Christian writer and best known for being a columnist with Eternity magazine and also the author of The Gospel Blimp, a book full of stories that children and adults can both enjoy. Out of My Mind is named after Joe's column in Eternity by the same title, with the particular chapters culled and compiled from the  magazine columns by Joe's wife Mary and his son, Timothy. Went online, February 2014.

A Pilgrim Who Made Progress : The Life Story of John Bunyan

     It wouldn't be possible for me to overstate my excitement about this book. My mom found it and sent it to me last year suggesting I might be able to put it online. It's the life story of John Bunyan, the author of the prolific classic The Pilgrim's Progress, published in 1678. As a biography, this book is based on the facts and major events in Bunyan's life. It would make for an excellent school book report for any kid from ages 10 to 18. This webmaster learned a great deal about the era in England where the Anglican Church was considered the only legal church, the only church that could issue licenses to preach. John Bunyan, once he became a Christian, became an unlicensed preacher, which put him in jail. Jail turned out to be a pretty good place to write books and he wrote 60 of them. I'm trying not to spoil the story for you; now go ahead and jump into the life of John Bunyan! Went online, February 2014.

A Very Present Help : A Tribute to the Faithfulness of God

     General William Dobbie and "the miracle of Malta" — a great man and a great event which cannot be separated. General Dobbie was the heroic governor of the famous island of Malta when, in 1940, it was bitterly besieged by fierce enemies who sought to seize it. But Malta, "the most bombed spot on earth," did not fall; God — the miracle-working God — "a very present help" — delivered the enemy-battered island.

     The world-renowned British General believes in the power of prayer. Speaking of the Malta miracle, he says with conviction, "God was with us. I know He was, definitely and practically, in our difficult times. It is marvelous in our eyes."

     This book is the voice of the General's heart. Humbly, thankfully, he pays tribute to the faithfulness of God. Let this valiant hero's message speak to your hear; it will give you courage, peace, and power. Went online, February 2014.

When in Doubt, Fire the Manager : My Life and Times in Baseball

    A candid and warmly human account as told by former baseball player and manager, Alvin Dark, of his life in baseball and his personal life. Included are a variety of anecdotes from games, and the on-again-off-again unusual relationship of Dark with one of his club owner's, Charlie Finley. Woven into the story is his longing to live for Christ amidst turmoil, triumph, and failures. You won't want to miss this well-told story from a major league baseball player and manager. We previously featured Alvin Dark in "The Goal and the Glory" here at our online library. Went online April, 2014.

Great Sermons on the Death of Christ

    In this, the second of the series edited by Wilbur Smith, there are 18 sermons by well-known preachers dealing with the death of Christ or related subjects. The first volume is Great Sermons on the Birth of Christ. Went online June, 2014.

Great Sermons on the Resurrection of Christ

    In this, the third of the collection edited by Wilbur Smith, there are 18 sermons by well-known preachers dealing with the resurrection of Christ or related subjects. Went online, September 2014.

The Biblical Doctrine of Heaven

    Here is our first volume that's authored by Wilbur M. Smith, an exhaustive study of Biblical material about heaven that you won't want to miss. This book tells us what heaven is really like and what Christians can expect when we get there. Nothing here from little boys who dream that they died and went to heaven; no, just plain old-fashioned truth from the Bible. Went online, December 2014.

Apart With Him

    Anyone who has been around Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center or who has enjoyed being at a Christian camp somewhere will like this book. The author, Harry Smith, was a long-time board member at Mount Hermon and close friend of this webmaster's grandfather at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto. Provides an early history of Mount Hermon up to the writing of the book in 1956. Went online January 2015. This book is EPIC!

Faith & Fortitude : The Life and Work of General Sir William Dobbie

    The full story of the life of Sir William Dobbie has now been told by one who was best qualified to do so, as she was with him in Singapore, and again all through the tense and exciting days of the historic siege of Malta in World War II when final victory was in the balance. Here is Sir William, "friend of the people", as he was affectionately dubbed by the Maltese, in a very honestly and carefully researched biography penned by his daughter. This book is thoroughly recommended to those who wish to study the life of a famous Christian soldier. They will find much to uplift and encourage in these pages. Went online February 2015.

Heir to a Dream

    Presenting the only autobiography of "Pistol Pete" Maravich, written less than a year before he suddenly died. The jacket of the book says it best: "This is the story of a fiercely dedicated young man who was the heir to his father's wildest dreams. The presence of Pete's late father, the brilliant, iconoclastic coach Press Maravich, permeates every page. And in the end, Heir to a Dream is not one biography — but two." This volume was written five years after Pete became a Christian. Includes links to highlight videos and to Pete's Christian testimony at a Billy Graham crusade and a Fellowship of Christian Athletes conference in 1985. Went online March 2015.

The Bible : Breathed From God

    Former professor at Talbot Seminary Dr. Robert Saucy provides us an easy to understand discussion about the reliability and trustworthiness of the Bible. He addresses questions like, "Doesn't the Bible contain errors? Doesn't it contradict science and history? You will learn how God used people to write the Bible while maintaining His control over the text as His Word. This will strengthen your faith. The book does not go into great detail to explain alleged discrepancies or seeming contradictions in the Bible. You would probably find that in the author's subsequent works, and also in a number of volumes which Dr. Saucy recommends. Went online April 2015.

Therefore Stand

    In the annals of apologetic literature, there have been few volumes written which are more respected than "Therefore Stand" by Wilbur M. Smith, professor at Moody Bible Institute and later at Fuller Seminary. At the time he wrote this, 1945, World War II was winding down and communism was emerging as an atheistic world influence; these are mentioned several times. The book is characterized by long quotations from many sources; to be honest, about 70% of the book is citations. So, if you like highly footnoted books, you'll love this one. Went online November 2015.

F.B. Meyer : A Book of Sermons

    One of the great preachers at the beginning of the 20th Century was F.B. Meyer. He was a contemporary and friend of D.L. Moody and also Charles Spurgeon. This volume is a collection of Meyer's sermons which the reader will find very valuable. Personally, my favorite chapter is number 17, entitled "Take, Take, Take." As Christians we sometimes default into thinking that God will give, give, give, when He has asked us to take what He's giving us. This could make a huge difference in your life, so don't miss that chapter. Went online January 2016.

By Their Blood : Christian Martyrs of the 20th Century

     Millions of believers have lost their lives across the centuries for proclaiming their faith in Jesus Christ. Many of us have heard of martyrs of the Roman and medieval worlds, bravely facing down ravenous beasts or succumbing to fire. But martyrdom did not end in the Dark Ages and continues even to this day. In fact, more Christians have been martyred in modern times than in all other church eras combined. By Their Blood is a testimony to the steadfast faith of modern Christians all over the world. The hundreds of stories of devotion will inspire readers to a more fervent faith and an appreciation of the freedom they have in Christ. Went online July 2016.

The Dayuma Story

   Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Pete Fleming, Roger Youderian, and Ed McCully chose to lay down their lives on a sandy beach in Ecuador. Their lives and sacrifice come full circle in the true story of Dayuma. Violent, unexpected death was a way of life for the Waorani tribe living deep in the Ecuadorian jungle. When her father is brutally speared, young Dayuma is faced with a choice: flee to the outside world to those thought to be cannibals or stay in the jungle to face certain death from the spears of the tribal killers. Befriended by the sister of one of the missionary martyrs, Dayuma helps Wycliffe create a written version of the Auca language preparatory to creating portions of the New Testament in her tribe's language. This in turn leads not only to Dayuma's personal faith in Christ, but to the conversion of many in her Waorani / Auca tribe. Christianity Today called this a thrilling adventure that you can't put down.... Went online September 2016.

Aucas Downriver : Dayuma's Story Today

    Following up thirteen years later in 1973, author Ethel Emily Wallis provides us an update on the Auca Indians, particularly in relation to the transformation they experienced through knowing Christ. The missionary work of Rachel Saint permeates the pages of this sequel to The Dayuma Story (see above). Dayuma is referenced over 150 times in Aucas Downriver but other leading characters emerge such as Oncaye and Kimo. Many Aucas are involved in ministry throughout this volume, bringing the peace of Christ into the hearts of their fellow tribesmen, teaching them not to spear people but to love in the Name of Jesus. As webmaster here, I only wish there were several more books like this one to keep us updated on the Aucas. Perhaps you could see the movie, "End of the Spear" (2005). Went online October 2016.

From Fear to Faith : Rejoicing in the Lord in Turbulent Times

     The country was on the brink of a devastating invasion. Famine threatened. Violence and social injustice filled the land. Habakkuk the Old Testament prophet had every reason to sink into despair. Where was God in these turbulent times? Discover how God deals with sin without compromising his holiness in reference to Israel and then apply these lessons to yourself and your walk with God. Learn how to grab hold of God and find that it is He who is holding you. Went online November 2016.

Road to Revival by Vance Havner

    This is a collection of sermons preached by Pastor Vance Havner in special meetings and Bible conferences [including at Mount Hermon] throughout the country. Most of them have appeared in Christian magazines. They go out with the author's desire and prayer that primarily they may help believers along the "road to revival" and thereby bring many unsaved to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Billy Graham once said, "I do not know of any man in my generation who has stirred revival fires in the hearts of so many people throughout the nation as has Vance Havner..." Went online December 2016.

Twelve Baskets of Crumbs

    Here are twenty-five essays for meditation and inspiration under the headings Our Lives Together; To Learn and to Teach; Risk and Service. The author, Elisabeth Elliot, sees the miracle of God's grace at work in her life. The title derives from Jesus' instructions to His disciples after feeding the five thousand to gather up the fragments that nothing be lost. In that miracle of the feeding, we see God pouring out His blessings in abundance, an abundance that Elisabeth Elliot experienced throughout her life. In this, her most personal book to date, she shares her own perceptions on the meanings of the events in her turbulent life. Went online December 2016.

Beginnings in Theology

    Theology professor Addison Leitch provides us a primer in theology. If you are new to doctrinal issues, or even if you aren't, you will benefit from this basic instructional in theology, similar to a first theology class at an evangelical college. Went online February 2017.

Focus on Christ

    Small words are often signposts to profound truth. The New Testament presses small words into service to portray the richness of a Christian's relation to Christ. We are told to live our lives through, on, in, under, unto, and like Christ. A Christian is personally related to Christ. He comes to each of us with an individual summons: "Come follow me." In Focus on Christ, John Stott points out that each word about Christ (i.e., "through", "on", "in", unto", "for", etc.) depicts the varied aspects of our life with Christ and in each case, Christ Himself is at the center. John Stott examines each of these prepositions. John Stott was the keynote speaker at Urbana '79 when this webmaster attended. Went online April 2017.

The Case for Biblical Christianity

    [From the Editor's Preface] "This collection of essays has, I believe, many things to recommend it. It gives the Christian community ready access to many of the splendid articles that Edward Carnell wrote during his career, articles that would otherwise have remained buried deep within stacks of dusty, unbound periodicals. The pastor, theologian, and philosopher will find, as always in Carnell's writings, thoughtful, stimulating and often provocative essays on Theology, philosophy of religion, ethics, ecumenism, fundamentalism, separatism, and other topics of contemporary interest." Ed Carnell was the favorite professor of this webmaster's father at Fuller Seminary. Went online July 2017.

The Difference God Makes : Living as if God Matters

    Here is a simple primer on living the true Christian faith. Peter Haile has provided something for everybody who wants to follow Christ in obedience and trust. The only trouble with this book is that it ends rather abruptly, but pay no attention to that and you will be okay. Went online August 2017.

Divorce is a Family Affair by Margaret Johnson

    Plenty of clues had been left along the way to indicate that all was not well in her daughter's marriage relationship. But those clues had been consciously overlooked, or conveniently forgotten, until the day of the phone call. "Mom, Roger's left me for another woman ..." were the words that brought each clue back in vivid detail. Learn from the author's experience how parents and other friends can be the support the divorcing child needs. Went online September 2017.

The Future of Evangelical Christianity: a Call for Unity Amid Diversity

    Evangelical Christianity stands at a crossroads : it can either be swallowed up by the rapidly growing Fundamentalist movement, or it can continue to forge its way as one of the most powerful forces in American Protestantism. In this book, Dr. Donald Bloesch examines the many factions of modern Evangelical thought and charts its course for renewal — or oblivion. He warns that it is in danger of losing its position as the cutting edge of biblical Christian thought due to bickering between subgroups about irrelevant matters. He addresses the possibility of the Far Right usurping the Evangelical name in their drive for power, but he also warns of the nebulous doctrines and beliefs of liberal thought.

   The solution, as set forth in The Future of Evangelical Christianity, does not involve quashing any of Evangelicalism's diverse elements but, rather, is to bring them together under the aegis of the true fundamentals: the saving act of Christ, the divine authority and primacy of scripture, the cruciality of the new birth, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and his glorious second coming. Dr. Bloesch offers a sane and loving method to preserve the "unity amid diversity" that is essential to a vibrant and meaningful Evangelical Christianity. Went online November 2017.

175. Crusade at the Golden Gate

    An account of the San Francisco Crusade of Billy Graham in 1958 as told by author Sherwood Wirt who worked with Billy. This is our 11th title by Mr. Wirt, a prolific author and certainly a frequent biographer of Billy Graham. Went online February 2018.

176. Essentials of Evangelical Theology, Volume 1 : God, Authority, & Salvation

   In our second of three volumes by professor Donald Bloesch we are introduced to his thorough evaluation of the theology surrounding the subjects of God, Authority, and Salvation in the context of what Evangelicalism teaches. Sometimes the reader may feel that Bloesch spends too much space presenting and critiquing views that he either doesn't agree with or has issues with. But what he's doing is not just pointing out inconsistencies and errors in various philosophers and theologians but also finding truth in them, borrowing it, identifying it as biblically consistent and then stating his evangelically informed view. An excellent and reliable in-depth look at evangelicalism. We are already looking forward to his "Volume 2". Went online May 2018.

177. The Secret of Christian Joy

    Here is our sixth offering from Pastor Vance Havner. This is another of a dozen or more books this webmaster obtained from his grandfather. When Grandpa would read these books, he used a red pencil to underline passages of the book which he evidently found to be significant to him. It's been fascinating for me to look at these passages and try to imagine what it was that struck him about these more than others. The final pencil underline by Grandpa occurs at the end of page 70, this wise exhortation by Pastor Havner: "Press through to Jesus." I dare say that my Grandpa did in fact press through to Jesus! Now, eighty years after the publication of this volume, it is online, August 2018.

178. Active Service With Christ

    We enthusiastically welcome once again Lt. General Sir William Dobbie with his second volume, at the request of and with the permission of the general's grandson, Robert O.M. Dobbie of England. William Dobbie was in the British army for 43 years serving five Sovereigns from Queen Victoria to George VI in all ranks from 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant General. He fought in the Boer war (1901), survived the Great War (1914-1918), was GOC Palestine during the troubles (1929-1932) and, in World War II, was Governor and Commander-in-Chief in Malta during the siege (1940-1942). He was a man of great optimism and courage, sustained by a deep evangelical faith in the person of his Saviour Jesus Christ. In this little book he considers some aspects of the life of one who commits to be a soldier of Jesus Christ starting with enlistment, training, weapons, defensive armour, the Battle and, finally, honours and awards. He brings the story to life asserting that being a soldier of Jesus Christ has inestimatable value, is very practical, happy and useful because the creator God sees everything from the very beginning to the end of time." Went online September 2018.

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Essentials of Evangelical Theology, Volume 2 : Life, Ministry, &  Hope

Holy Sweat by Tim Hansel

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A Philosophy of the Christian Religion

    My father's favorite professor at Fuller Seminary was Dr. Edward John Carnell. Carnell is hailed as "one of the great evangelical theologians of our time." Dr. Carnell's influence in theological venues continues unabated. Dozens of books have been published about Carnell and his writings, and more such books continue to be written. We present here the first 200 pages (only) of A Philosophy of the Christian Religion (1952) by Dr. Edward John Carnell. You may purchase this book new for about $50 from its current publisher. Click here to learn how to purchase it.


"When faced with an agonizing decision, consult the Bible."

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