Some Through the Waters:
A Chinese Red Guard Finds Freedom and Hope in a New World

© 1979  Yi Lin

Published by Far East Broadcasting Company, La Mirada, CA

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1. Christian converts China Biography. 2. Hong wei bing biography. 3. Lin, Yi, 1947 .
BV 4935.L496 A37 || 248.2/46/0924 B 19 || LC: 80-111470 || OCLC: 6650334 || 103p.

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Table of Contents

Foreword       5

1. Escape!       9

2. Red Guards       25

3. My Uncle       32

4. "Chih-Chings"       41

5. New Year's       55

6. Wrongs and Rights       63

7. Tomb Festival and Family Memories       70

8. Floundering       78

9. Freedom at Last!       93

Epilogue       103

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