Living In Two Worlds: The Wanda Jones Story

© 1988  Wanda Jones

Zondervan Books, Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Table of Contents

1.  Safe in the Arms       9

2.  Loving Jesus More       23

3.  Loving and Learning       33

4.  Soldiers for Christ       47

5.  To the Regions Beyond       65

6.  Teaming Up       85

7.  Living in Two Worlds       107

8.  Hope for Troubled Times       127

9.  "May We Forever Stand True"       145

From the Back Cover of the Book

"We know that you will find Wanda's life story both inspiring and challenging."  Billy Graham

A challenge to all to examine their souls.

   One day Wanda Jones' 5-year-old son came home from kindergarten and asked her, "What's wrong with my color?" A year later her husband was thrown out of a London hotel. Such incidents made Wanda want to lash out. Instead, she fought her battles in the quiet of her own room — in prayer.

   Their story encourages black Christians to persevere in spite of opposition. But it also challenges their white brothers and sisters to examine their attitudes in the light of god's Word. And Finally, it celebrates God's victory in advancing His kingdom in spite of frailties within His body of believers.

   Even while attending Bible college, Wanda and Howard Jones had met with subtle discrimination and rejection. They were two of only twelve black students at Nyack College in New York. Nevertheless, Howard and Wanda followed their calling to the ministry, trusting God to open doors for them.

   God blessed their ministry as it grew from its street-corner beginnings in New York city into a radio ministry eventually reaching across the ocean to Africa. When Howard was invited to join the Billy Graham organization, Wanda's hope for unity among black and white kingdom workers was realized.

   Although discrimination still plagues the church, as does materialism, violence, and declining moral values, Wanda's story testifies that these problems can be overcome. Just as blacks were emancipated during the Civil War, so are Christians emancipated from the bondage of sin, says Wanda. "We can choose to allow our spirits to be enslaved . . . or we can choose to take hold of the life and freedom God wants us to have."

WANDA JONES is a popular speaker at seminars, conferences, and retreats and is the coordinator of Christian Family Outreach Inc. She taught special-education classes for over eleven years. Wanda and her husband, Howard, the first black evangelist on the Billy Graham Crusade staff, have been married 44 years and enjoy 5 children and 6 grandchildren.

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