There I Stood In All My Splendor

© 1966  Ethel Barrett

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1. Storytelling; 2. Christian biography
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Table of Contents

1. Life with Mother          1

2. Mask          28

3. Children Are Not Defenseless          57

4. Time          83

5. A Merry Heart          102

6. Broken Swords          129

7. Death Is a Private Affair          157

8. Time Marches On          186

Epilogue          213


   Eight peeks at life by the inimitable Ethel Barrett. Some will make you laugh... some will make you cry... some will make you pray. But all of them will make you think.

   Take a look at life with this irrepressible onlooker who got into the act in spite of herself. Before you know it, you will too!

   On TV, radio, on the platform, in her "Story" records and in her writing, Ethel Barrett has been talking most of her adult life. She is nationally known as a speaker at Executive Dinner Clubs and as a conference speaker.

   If you enjoyed "Sometimes I Feel Like a Blob" and "Storytelling — It's Easy," you will enjoy this book. It is written in Mrs. Barrett's same effortless, easy-to-read style.

   One of my sons came home from school one day and announced proudly that he'd been in a play. It was about a bullfight.

   "You should see my costume!" he cried. "Spanish! And it is fancy!"

   "What do you do?"

   "Boy, you should see it. Some of the kids are matadors and some of the kids are bulls and they run around and chase each other and everything."

   "What do you do?"

   "Who me? Oh, I don't do anything. I just stand there in all my splendor and observe."

   Well, in a sense, that is what I've done in this little book. Observed other people "running around and everything." Many of them got into the stories that are included. And, life being what it is, inevitably I got into the act.

Ethel Barrett

...Eight vignettes of life. Some of them will make you laugh. Some of them will make you cry. Some of them will make you pray. But all of them will make you think.

To Melissa, Mike and Sean — who remind me that time is still marching on...

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