The Persecutor
Inflicting terror and suffering upon Russian Christians was his assignment, and he did his job well.

© 1973  Sergei Kourdakov


Subject: Kourdakov, Sergei, 1951-1973.
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With over two million copies in print, The Persecutor is presently held by 515 libraries including Azusa Pacific University and Cal-State Fullerton. It was also published as Forgive Me, Natasha which is held by 8 libraries including the University of Oxford.

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Please note.... The text of Forgive Me, Natasha is identical to the text of The Persecutor.

Table of Contents

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1. Storm on the Pacific        9

2. Battle for Survival        16

3. The Missing Family        24

4. A Street Orphan        32

5. Adventures and Terror at V-I        42

6. At War With the "Uncles" and "Aunts"        52

7. "King" of Barysevo        67

8. Training Ground for Criminals        76

9. A Military Life for Me!        85

10. Assigned to the "Eyes of Russia"        105

11. An Order From the Secret Police        111

12. The First Raid: Disaster!        128

13. Sudden Death at Elizovo        153

14. "Get the Literature!"        172

15. "You're Our Number One Man"        180

16. The Beautiful Religioznik        188

17. Police Action        201

18. Haunting Words        217

19. The Last Raid        223

20. Search for a New Life        235

Publisher's Note        253

Back Cover of the Book

Webmaster's Note: I met Sergei in June of 1972 when he spoke at my high school gymnasium in Felton, California. My father's secretary was Sergei's interpreter that night. A few months later we learned of Sergei's untimely death. I look forward to seeing him in heaven when the Day dawns and the Morning Star rises in our hearts!

You may enjoy a YouTube video which is an exciting audio reenactment about Sergei Kourdakov which was produced by the Pacific Garden Mission's "Unshackled" show.

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