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Table of Contents

PREFACE      7

1  PRELUDE  Early Remembrances       13

2  VARIATIONS  Moving Into Evangelism       21

3  THEME  Radio Evangelism Becomes My Niche       29

4  RECITATIVE  Preaching       37

5  FOUR-PART HARMONY  The Quartet       43

6  THE BEAT OF THE METRONOME  Teaching       51

7  GRACE NOTES  My Family       55

8  PIANISSIMO  Favorite Hobbies       63

9  THE MINISTRY OF MUSIC  Scripture Songs       67

10  COUNTER-MELODIES  Banquets, Conferences, Playing for the Congregation       73

11 RECORDING  Devotional Discs       83

12  MELODY FORTISSIMO  Sacred Concerts       89

13  MOMENTS MUSICAL  Saturday Night Musicales       97

14  WHERE CROSS THE CROWDED WAYS  Traveling Amongst Christians in the USA       101

15  EMBELLISHMENTS  Grand People I Have Worked With       113

16  POSTLUDE  Coda       121

To Grace

with whose help my book

has become a reality

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


   For more than thirty-one years pianist Rudy Atwood has been gathering ardent admirers through his ministry of music on "The Old Fashioned Revival Hour." At last we have the autobiography of this gifted musician, where, in his own words, he tells the story of how his early love for God and music shaped his life and guided him toward the radio and television ministry he holds today.

   Rudy Atwood is loved by everyone who knows his music. It has been said of him: "You have set a new style of playing the Gospel hymns. Everywhere I go throughout the United States, I hear little Rudys. Your playing is responsible for changing and improving the playing of Gospel music in evangelical circles."

   Early in his musical education, Mr. Atwood discovered the mastery of Johann Sebastian Bach. He was at once enthralled by "the musician's musician," and even today the works of Bach are his favorites. In his words, "His genius satisfies me in every way. I believe it was said of Chopin that when he was preparing for a recital, he shut himself in and practiced only Bach." From those early daysMr. Atwood was just ten years old thenthe beloved Christian pianist has been influenced by many great masters of music. He is quick to advise young music students today that they must look to the classics and to the rudiments of musical science if they are going to realize their dreams in music.

   THE RUDY ATWOOD STORY is a fascinating book. The reader is led through Mr. Atwood's life from earliest days, to the time in 1938 when he became known to millions of radio listeners as the musical minister of "The Old Fashioned Revival Hour." He is led also through nearly every state in the Union and Canada, from concert tour to concert tour, and each one holds an exciting or humorous incident. Always written with wit and compassion, this is a story you will find entertaining and heart-warming.


Rudy Atwood lives with his wife Grace in South Pasadena, California. The Atwoods have two children, a daughter, Robin, and a son, Mark. An ordained Baptist minister, Mr. Atwood was pianist with "The Old Fashioned Revival Hour" for over thirty years and has been staff musician with the Church of the Open Door since 1967. From 1962 to 1967, Mr. Atwood was minister of the Country Church of Hollywood, and in the early fifties he taught music at Westmont College.

Listen to Rudy playing "Heavenly Sunshine" on the piano

Listen to him playing "How Great Thou Art"

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