A Christian Critique of a New Age Doctrine

© 1987  Mark C. Albrecht

InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, Illinois

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1. Reincarnation Christianity; 2. Reincarnation

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Previously published as Reincarnation: A Christian Appraisal

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Table of Contents

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Preface       7

1. Reincarnation East and West       11

2. Reincarnation and Karma       17

3. A Short History of Reincarnation Teachings       25

4. Reincarnation in the Bible and the Early Church       35

5. Past-Life Recall       51

6. Sorting It Out: Possible Explanations of Past-Life Recall       67

7. World Views in Conflict: The Arguments for and against Reincarnation       81

8. Philosophical and Moral Objections to Reincarnation       93

9. Theological Objections       105

10. Theological Hybrids       121

Important Postscript to the 1987 Edition       127

Back Cover of the Book

   Have we led past lives? Are we destined to return to this earth again? Can we, under the right circumstances, recall former lives?

   New Age adherents like Shirley MacLaine say yes to these questions and recount fascinating tales of their former lives. Books and TV shows play with these ideas, often lending them support.

   But can we innocently blend together these ideas from East and West? Can Eastern teaching about reincarnation be transplanted into the soil of our Judeo-Christian heritage?

   Mark Albrecht examines these issues with care, looking especially at the case for and against spontaneous recall and regression to past lives. He offers readers a clear biblical assessment of this New Age doctrine.

Mark C. Albrecht is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. A former editor of Update on New Religious Movements, a quarterly publication from Denmark, he served for four years as co-director of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project in Berkeley, California.

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