Racing Toward 2001
The Forces Shaping America's Religious Future

© 1992  Russell Chandler

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1. United States  Religion 2. Twenty-first century Forecasts
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     11

Introduction: The Starting Line     13

Part 1  Shapes and Trends of the Coming Millennium


1. Keeping Up with the Joneses: Shifting Faces and Places     19

2. The Minority Majority: This Land Is Their Land     27

3. Gauges of Ages: Boomers and Busters, Yuppies and Buppies     35

Technology and Ecology

4. The Information Age: Technological Takeover?     45

5. Bioethics: A New God?     57

6. Earth: Dominion or Doom?     69

Society and the Family

7. Designer Lifestyles     82

8. Nuclear Family Fission     90

Education, Media and the Arts

9. Educating Dick and Jane. And Ramon and Natasha.    102

10. Phantoms of Stage, Screen, and Canvas     114

The Economy and Government

11. Cash Flows and Flaws     126

12. Political Spears? Or Plowshares?     137

Part 2  Changing Shapes of Churches and Religion

Who's Hot and Who's Not

13. Mainliners and Sideliners     151

14. Frontliners and Headliners     159

15. Roamin' Catholics     167

16. Blacks to the Future     176

Fittest of the Survivors

17. Muslims, Jews, Mormons, and More     183

18. Alternative Altars: Next-Age Faiths     191

19. Clashing Cosmologies: Battle for the Worldview    199


20. Shining the Pastoral Patina     210

21. Making Dollars and Sense of Missions and Ministry     219

Part 3  Models for the Millennium


22. Goal Setting: Evangelical Lutherans     231

23. Drug Busting: United Methodists     236

24. Perimeters and Satellites: Presbyterians and Baptists     240


25. Willow Creek Community Church    246

26. All Saints Episcopal Church     256

27. St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church     264

28. True Vine Missionary Baptist Church     272

29. Vineyard Christian Fellowship     281


30. Other Models, Strategies, and Assessments     291

Part 4  The Finish Line

31. Anticipating the Next Age     305

Bibliography of Resources     315

Notes     323

Index     355

To my grandchildren

Ryan Neil, Daniel David, Kate Lynn, Sarah Elizabeth, Melissa Marie . . .

and counting . . .

Who, I am sure, will make the race to 2001

infinitely more exciting,

and the world of the 21st century

a much better place

to live and love.

"Russell Chandler is a perceptive and articulate guide who points out the pitfalls as he hustles us across a vast and complex landscape. Read Racing before the future leaves you in the dust."

STEPHEN A. HAYNER, President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

"A handle on what will be happening over the next couple of decades and what to do about it. This book is going to be hot!"

TONY CAMPOLO, Professor at Eastern College, Author

Russell Chandler, with more than 18 years' experience as a religion specialist for The Los Angeles Times, is considered "one of the finest voices in American journalism." He earned the John Templeton Reporter of the Year Award in 1984, 1987, and 1989. His previous book, Understanding the New Age, was the 1989 Religious Public Relations Council's Book of the Year.

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