The Power of Biblical Thinking

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1. Bible Biography ; 2. Christian life
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Preface ... 9

1. The Power of Godly Thinking ... 11

2. The Power of Biblical Thinking ... 23

3. The Power of Positive Thinking ... 33

4. The Power of Negative Thinking ... 46

5. The Power of Transformed Thinking ... 56

6. The Power of Faithful Thinking ... 66

7. The Power of Arrogant Thinking ... 81

8. The Power of Lustful Thinking ... 90

9. The Power of Persistent Thinking ... 105

10. The Power of Surrendered Thinking ... 115

11. The Power of Sensitive Thinking ... 122

12. The Mind of Christ ... 133

13. The Power of Personal Thinking ... 144

14. The Purpose of Biblical Thinking ... 153

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What faithful thinking can do when life works against us.

Rejoice in the revealed secrets of transformed thinking.

How persistent thinking can help overcome doubts.

How positive thinking helps us face difficult situations confidently.

What practical goals are attained by determined thinking.

How active thinking wins others to Christ.

How sensitive thinking helps us relate to the feelings of others.

The true nature of biblical thinking and how to translate it into action.


THE POWER OF BIBLICAL THINKING is not a study in psychology. It is a study of the lives of some of the great characters of the Bible who had troubles with God and themselves. Moses did not want to do God's will and tried to refuse Him in a very "spiritual" way. God trapped Him to His glory. Jeremiah called God a liar. God trapped him, and as a result the prophet was glad to be called by God's name. Job wished he had died in his mother's womb. God trapped him. As a result Job knew that when he died, he would rise again to see his God face to face with great joy. How did God ensnare these and others? It may be that you need to be ready to become a victim of God's grace. These studies attempt to show you that to be one of God's captives is to become truly free.

RALPH L. KEIPER served as Bible Conference Speaker at large representing the Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary of Denver. For ten years he was an Associate Professor in English Bible on the faculty of that Seminary. He has been an Associate Editor of Eternity Magazine and was Bible Conference Speaker for the Evangelical Foundation. Dr. Keiper was in much demand as a lecturer at conferences, seminars and universities across the country.

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From the Jacket of the Book

   Man's outward actions are the result of his inner attitudes, which, in turn are a product of the way he thinks. In a very real sense, you are what you think. God created and designed your mind to function in a certain way — His way of thinking. Without it, you can never hope to experience the full richness of life He intended for you. The Power of Biblical Thinking will teach you to make God's way of thinking your own.

   Ralph Keiper begins by studying biblical characters who had deep personal confrontations with God and with themselves: Moses, Paul, Isaiah, Job, Peter, the woman at the well, Solomon, and Jesus Christ Himself. Their confidence, their sorrow, their despair, and their happiness can be seen and understood as they responded to God's plan for their lives. Dr. Keiper is able to translate the implications of these examples directly into the heart of your own daily existence. He points out hindrances that can prevent true biblical thinking, and lays out a workable plan to achieve it.

   Biblical thinking in action reflects two outstanding characteristics — a knowledge of God's word and a willingness to choose God's will in personal decisions. More than mental assent is required, there must be genuine belief as well. You may have gripped the concepts set forth in the Bible, but have they gripped you? As Dr. Keiper states, it is "coming to grips with the Word of God, fulfilling its conditions, obeying its precepts, and looking forward to God fulfilling His promises." This is the thrust within The Power of Biblical Thinking and it can become the way to a new peace, a new satisfaction, and a new joy in your life.

"We have found that when men and women meant business with the Lord, there was a great change in their lives and they became victors of their circumstances. We have also noted how God's Word played a large part in their spiritual experience. In days of old, God spoke directly to his servants. Today, we have His written Word, the Bible, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to do for us what God did directly for them. To the degree that they were obedient to God's Will there was blessing. The same can be true for us. To the degree that we study God's Word, to that degree will we master the art of biblical thinking and come to experience its power."

— Dr. Ralph L. Keiper

   May I take this opportunity to express my appreciation to my wife Nan who read the manuscript and helped me in its preparation for publication.

Webmaster's Note: I always loved listening to Ralph Keiper preach at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center. I thought he was so funny sometimes. For example, he said that he lives by two principles: 1) "Don't sweat the small stuff;" & 2) "Everything is small stuff." Also I liked his strategy for evangelism... He would say, "Whenever I talk with people and it occurs to me that they might not be saved, I don't get nervous as if it all depended on me: If they are in the elect they will be saved anyways. And if they are not in the elect then I would have wasted a lot of time and energy trying to reverse their non-election." I'm sure he was "tongue in cheek" to some degree.

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