In the Hands of the Potter

From life's fiercest trials come reassuring truths about God's unending love

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From the Back Cover and Jacket

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1. Encounter with the Master Potter       1

2. Placed on the Potter's Wheel       13

3. Trusting the Skill of the Potter       29

4. The Pain of the Shaping       43

5. Sliding from the Wheel       63

6. Marred, but not Broken       79

7. The Reshaping of Priorities       95

8. The Reshaping of Personal Ambition       111

9. The Reshaping of Abilities       129

10. The Reshaping of Relationships       147

11. A Vessel Fit for the Master's Use       165

12. Through the Refiner's Fire       179

13. On Display for the Master       193

14. Perfected At Last       205

From the Back Cover and Jacket

Have you ever felt like your world was collapsing, but you were able to put on such a good act that no one could see it?

   In 1948 Dale Evans Rogers seemed to have everything. A successful career as a movie star, a new marriage to Roy Rogers, and an adorable family. But though the future couldn't have seemed brighter, she says, "What I didn't know was that the Master Potter was about to begin shaping my life in very painful ways."

   Through career setbacks, the loss of beloved children, health crises, and the difficulties of living in the public eye, Dale began to confront attitudes and issues that were preventing her from surrendering to God. And though there was pain, she discovered a new kind of joy as she learned how to let God take control of her life.

   This inspiring look at how God shapes our lives is full of anecdotes and examples from Dale's life. She shares laughter, tears, and miracles of God's grace all woven into the analogy of being shaped and fired as the Master Potter's vessel.

   She says, "I am convinced that God is reaching out to us, allowing experiences that will help us develop into the kind of people He can use." In the Hands of the Potter can show you how God wants to transform your life into something beautiful for Him.

   Have you ever asked yourself, "Who do I really want to control my life?" Or maybe, "Why should I turn over control of my life to God?" In my case, God was there waiting for me to submit to His shaping, to enter into a truly vital relationship with Him. I want to share what it means to be shaped by the Master Potter, so that you, too, can enjoy the richness of His care and provision.

   Dale Evans Rogers is loved by millions as the Queen of the West, wife and partner to Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys. But the richest part of her life has not been the Hollywood glamour or her legendary status — it has been her experience with God who, like a Master Potter, has shaped her faith and guided her through some very difficult times.

In the Hands of the Potter is an inspiring look at how God wants to shape our lives and guide us in all circumstances. Dale shares her hard-won philosophy with honesty and seasoned maturity. Using the analogy of the clay and the potter, she explores how the Lord has used adversity to create beauty in her life, and how He wants to do the same for you.

   Though she writes of career crises, the birth of a child with Down's syndrome, the deaths of three beloved children, and severe health problems, it's a tale not of tragedy but of triumph. For as Dale confronted painful situations, she learned to trust the sure hands of the Master Potter.

   She talks about ambition, priorities, abilities, relationships, and how they must be reshaped in our lives. Dale shares how God has been with her in the fiery trials of loss as well as the exciting moments of success, and how He wants to be there for you in your struggles and achievements.

   From her youthful rebellion to her success as a Hollywood celebrity to her joys and sorrows as wife and mother, Dale Evans Rogers has learned to let God be in control. She says that her circumstances and relationships "all contributed to who I became. But I also recognize that, misused, some of these qualities became destructive in my life. Only when the Master Potter began reshaping me could they become fit for His service and used to the glory of God."

Dale Evans Rogers, the wife of Roy Rogers and the mother of nine children, is a singer, an actress, a speaker, and the author of twenty-five books, including Angel Unaware, which is regarded today as a classic. Born in Texas, she was named Texan of the Year by the Texas Press Association, Church Woman of the Year in 1964, Mother of the Year in 1967, and Grandmother of the Year in 1989. A popular speaker, she has worked with charities for abused and for retarded children. Dale now has her own TBN television program, "A Date With Dale." She and Roy live in Apple Valley, California, and have a personal museum in Victorville, California.


   I would like to thank my husband, Roy Rogers, our children, and our dear Christian friends, Frances and Leonard Eilers, who bore with us through the early years of our Christian commitment.

   My love and deep gratitude to my son, Tom Fox, who by his example led me to a clear commitment of my life to Jesus Christ.

   My thanks to Dr. Jack MacArthur, who showed me in a sermon the rightful claim of Jesus on my life.

   Thanks also to Reverend Harley Wright Smith, of St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Encino, California, who told me that Robin would bless our lives and we had made a blessed choice to bring her home from the hospital, and to Reverend O. William Hansen, of Church of the Valley Presbyterian, who has seen us through thick and thin since June 25, 1965, in Apple Valley, California.

Thanks most of all to Jesus Christ, who made my life to shine by sending His Holy Spirit into my heart.

Dale Evans Rogers              

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