Abortion and the Meaning of Personhood

© 1974  Clifford E. Bajema


All rights reserved. Used by permission.


Published by Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Subjects: 1. Abortion Religious aspects
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1. The Basic Issue       1

2. Abortion  and the Threat of a New Ethic       5

3. When is Man a Person?       15

4. Personhood: The Rock of Fact on Which It Stands      29

5. Is Abortion Murder?      43

6. An Apology for the Necessity of Legislating Morality       55

7. Grounds for Abortion  Are There Any?       61

8. The Social Problem of the Woman       75

9. An Infamous Day in American History       83

Back Cover of the Book

   Abortion and the Meaning of Personhood forcefully presents the medical, psychological, emotional, and sociological aspects of abortion. It is a thorough handbook for all pastors and other counselors, and concerned citizens. It will help clarify basic issues for readers on both sides of the question, "What can I as an individual do?" It outlines the positive and productive legal steps available to counter the movement of legalized abortion.

   Basic to Abortion and the meaning of Personhood is a profound love for life. The fetus is not viewed as an inconvenient growth to be severed from the mother's body like a cancerous tumor. Rather, the human fetus is asserted to be a new, separate human being who is the rightful occupant and resident of the womb and who deserves the protection of the basic human right for life and continued existence.

   Although unequivocal in his stand against legalized abortion, the author presents his case in a manner that is thorough, logical, and firm. Inflammatory phrases are nonexistent as he appeals to reason rather than to emotion. With consistent objectivity he marshals medical, biological, psychological, and sociological data to probe basic issues, establishing a strong case for preserving the life of the fetus.

   Yet, the author treats the proponents of abortion with understanding. For example, with compassion and sensitivity he discusses the plight of the woman in today's American society.

   Clifford E. Bajema served as Campus Minister at the University of Colorado at Boulder, pastor of the Cragmore Christian Reformed Church in Colorado Springs, pastor of the Christian Reformed Church in Akron, Ohio and pastor of the Geneva Campus Church in Madison, Wisconsin.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

To my dear friend, John Archibold,

whose wise counsel

and dogged devotion to truth

has been flint to my mind

and a hammer to my conscience.

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