The Life of the Party

A True Story of Teenage Alcoholism

Becky Tirabassi with Gregg Lewis

Table of Contents

1.  "I Won't Be a Nobody!"         9

2.  My Secret Weapon         21

3.  Life of the Party         29

4.  Trouble Hits         39

5.  Fighting for Control         51

6.  A New Start         61

7.  Losing Ground         71

8.  California Crossroads         81

9.  Pursuing the Victory         91

10.  Searching for Love         101

11.  "I Think I'm an Alcoholic!"         113

12.  One Real Victory         125

13.  In Different Worlds         133

14.  Going Home         143

Epilogue         151

A Final Word from Becky         157

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Back Cover of the Book

I closed my eyes, desperately trying to recall something, anything from the night before. But there was nothing. My embarrassment and the horrible, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach kept me from asking what had happened. I could only imagine, and ask myself over and over, How? How did I come to this?

There was only one possible explanation: I've lost total control of who I am.

Becky had always felt that she had to work and fight for acceptance, popularity, and success. Then she discovered a way to loosen up, become the "life of the party": alcohol. From that point on, Becky knew she had it made. It no longer mattered that she constantly fought with her mother, or that her grades in school seemed to be getting lower and lower. It didn't even matter that she was soon drinking so much that she frequently blacked out. All that mattered was that people liked her and she finally felt like a success.

Until the day she realized that the alcohol had become more than a way to loosen up, more than a "friend" at parties.... it had become her life.

Becky Tirabassi, now an author and speaker, is a former youth worker. She lives in California with her husband and children.

Gregg Lewis is editor-at-large of Campus Life magazine and a freelance writer. He's written over four hundred magazine articles and fifteen books, including Tom Landry: An Autobiography, Dark Marathon, and The Hurting Parent. He lives in Rome, Georgia.

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