Truth & Power:
The Place of Scripture in the Christian Life

© 1996  J. I. Packer

Harold Shaw Publishers, Wheaton, IL

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1. Bible — Evidences, authority, etc.; 2. Bible — Use.
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This online edition reflects the InterVarsity Press edition of the book [1999] containing 191 pages.

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Table of Contents

Back Cover of the Book

Preface     9

1. God's Freedom Trail: Authority & the Bible     11

2. Formed, Deformed, and Reformed: The Church & the Bible     45

3. A Long War: Fifty Years Battling for the Bible     75

4. Give Me Understanding: The Approach to Biblical Interpretation     97

5. Mouthpiece for God: Preaching & the Bible     119

6. Life & Health & Peace: Christians & Their Bibles     140

Notes     179

Scripture Index     189

Back Cover of the Book

In the face of theological upheavals and trendy philosophies, J.I. Packer boldly challenges the church to keep the Bible and to the Bible. Through centuries of use, abuse and disuse, the Bible remains the foundational document of the Christian faith.

In this book the author offers a masterful overview of the doctrine of Scripture. Beginning with the authority of the Bible, he then considers how it has been challenged through church history. In addition he examines the unity of the Bible, methods of interpreting it and the role the Bible must play in preaching. Through all of this Packer demonstrates how the Bible offers each Christian the spiritual essentials of life, health and peace.

Here is a careful and colorful restatement of the grand truths about God's Word and the church.

*    *    *    *    *

"This book should be in the hands of every Christian leader. It is written by a man who knows the Lord, understands theology, builds upon history, and reflects a grasp of the current generation." EQUIP FOR MINISTRY

"Packer writes with his customary clarity and verve (see, for example his brilliantly concise unpacking of Psalm 119). A bonus for pastors and seminarians (though not for them only) is a chapter on preaching, including excerpts from Richard Baxter's Christian Directory (1673) on 'how to hear sermons as the Word of God' as well as Packer's own practical wisdom on sermon preparation." CHRISTIANITY TODAY

J. I. Packer has taught theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia for many years and is the author of Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God and Knowing Christianity. He is best known as the author of Knowing God.

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