For the Love of Mike
The Michael MacIntosh Story

© 1984 Sherwood Eliot Wirt


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1. MacIntosh, Mike — 1944-. 2. Christian converts — United States — Biography. 3. Evangelists — United States — Biography.
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Billy Graham       vii

Acknowledgments       ix

Preface       xi

1.  The Dawn Cracked       1

2.  Break in the Clouds       7

3. Powerdrive       14

4. Wham! Wham!       21

5.  The Water Can       28

6.  Nowhere Man       32

7.  The Free Spirit       42

8.  Forbidden Fruit       49

9.  Completely Gone       54

10.  The Police Station       62

11.  Momentous Discovery       68

12.  That's My Daddy!       75

13.  Star Back into Orbit       78

14.  All You Need Is Love       83

15.  Come off It, Mike!       88

16.  The Gospel Swamp       93

17.  Mansion Messiah       97

18.  Return of the Dragon       106

19.  Love Song       113

20.  Baling Wire and Chewing Gum       118

21.  We Don't Ordain       125

22.  Honey vs. Cod Liver Oil       129

23.  San Diego Welcome       136

24.  Favor and Flak       140

25.  The Meeting       145

26.  New Watchword on the Marquee       149

27.  Lupines and Poppies       154

28.  The Moving upon the Waters       159

29.  A New Vision       164

30.  Into the World       171

Epilogue       175

Postscript       181

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From the Back Cover

"... a message of hope to those whose lives have been marred and twisted by the underside of modern culture."

Dr. Billy Graham


"... a thrilling witness to the power of God."

Chuck Smith, Pastor
Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa


"... a dynamic testimony of the changing and healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Chuck Girard, Recording Artist


A story of hope for the baby boom generation

   Michael MacIntosh had seen — and done — it all: marriage on a whim that lasted six weeks; UFO-watching in a drug-induced haze; incarceration in the mental ward of the Orange county Medical Center. He was a free spirit, a product of the '60s. He couldn't have been more miserable.

   By 1970, his desire to follow the lifestyle of the Beatles had led him nowhere, and on his twenty-sixth birthday, MacIntosh found his true Savior — Jesus Christ. Two years later he was ordained, his marriage was restored and, in 1974, he started teaching a Bible study in San Diego at the insistence of friends. Twelve people were in the original group.

   Today, ten years later, thousands are being reached directly through Horizon International Ministries

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