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1. Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint Biblical teaching ; 2. Bible. N.T. Criticism, interpretation, etc.
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1. Meeting Mary for the First Time          11

2. Listening to an Angel          18

3. Amazed in God's Presence          26

4. A Husband's Love          33

5. Dusting Off the Nativity Set          42

6. Holding God in Our Arms          51

7. Strangers at the Door          60

8. Finding the Path          69

9. Raising God's Son          77

10. A Life in the Shadows          88

11. When Answers Don't Come          97

12. To the Cross and Beyond          106

13. Living a Legacy          117

Notes and Scripture Index          125


I want to thank several people who have helped me, prayed for me and encouraged me as I've worked on this book. Tom Skaff and Steve Aikman use our accountability meetings to keep me on track and to remind me of my deadlines. Ken Gilbert, Dick Adomat, Matt Johnson, Rich Tesner, Charles Layzell and Bill Sobey are faithful to pray for me. I also have some friends in pastoral ministry who provide a sounding board for my ideas and my heresies — David Thompson in Pocatello, Idaho; Neal Rylaarsdam in Portage, Michigan; Bill Lepley in Grabill, Indiana; and Phil Burch around the corner. They are great guys.

   Cindy Bunch-Hotaling and all the people at InterVarsity Press do a superb job in shepherding my books to print and to bookstores. They are the best.

   This book is dedicated to my wife, Karen. She is a wonderful model in my life of the character of Mary and of Mary's son. She has held me, and held on to me, through some difficult storms. She has the unique ability to build me up when I need it and bring me back to reality when I need it. Karen, my children, my parents and my gracious church family at Cross make my life full and rich.

Mary, Jesus' Mother, Makes Us Nervous

Some see her as so exalted that we feel as if we can never attain her virtue. She seems to stand in dramatic contrast to the failure and struggle we experience every day. No wonder we stutter in the presence of such perfection.

Others ignore Mary, uninterested in looking seriously at her life of character. For many of us Mary is little more than a figurine in the Nativity set that we dust off each year and quickly put away. Yet how can we simply ignore her when the Bible says so much about her godliness and obedience?

This book provides a true picture of Mary — a portrait drawn from Scripture with both the overlay of tradition and the dust of neglect removed. Where needed, there are correctives to historical church teaching, but the focus is the clear light of Scripture.

Be prepared to have your own life changed. God is still seeking men and women like Mary who will be obedient to his call.

Douglas Connelly is pastor of Cross Church in Flint, Michigan. Doug and his wife, Karen, have three children, Kimberly, Kevin and Kyle. Doug is also the author of the books Angels Around Us, After Life and Miracles, and the LifeGuide Bible studies Mary, Angels, John, Daniel and Meeting the Spirit.

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