Managing Your Time
Practical Guidelines on the Effective Use of Time

© 1988  Ted W. Engstrom & R. Alec Mackenzie

Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich.

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1. Time Management.
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Table of Contents

From the Back Cover and Jacket


FOREWORD TO THE FIRST EDITION — Herbert J. Taylor ....... 7

PREFACE — Do You Care Enough? ....... 9


1. Why Work? ....... 16

You'll Work About 100,000 Hours ... Do You Know Why?; Your Philosophy of Work

2. What Is Time? ....... 23

Responsible Stewardship; Is TIME the Problem ... or Are YOU?; Your Philosophy of Time

3. What Is Leisure? ....... 30

Distinguished from "Free" Time; The Myth of the "Overworked" Executive... The "Grief Case" Complex; Would You Know What To Do with It?; Your Philosophy of Leisure


4. Socrates Says "Know Thyself" — Do You? ....... 40

A Personal Inventory

5. Where Are You Heading? ....... 49

Aspiring to Excellence; The Imperative of Purpose; Setting Personal Goals... Long-Range and Short; Management by Objectives; Directed Effort

6. How Are You Doing? — Are You on Course? ....... 62

Are You Steering or Stroking? Where Does Your Time Go? — An Inventory; Appraising Results — "Activity" Versus "Accomplishment"

7. What Is Your Progress? — Are You Improving? ....... 75

Self-Development; Recommended Management Publications


8. What Do You Mean ... "Management"? ....... 100

Some Definitions; Philosophies of What Managers Do: Plan, Organize, Lead, Control

9. When You Fail to Plan You Are Planning to Fail ....... 113

Estimating; Establishing Objectives; Developing Policies; Programming; Establishing Procedures; Scheduling; Budgeting

10. So Let's Get Organized ....... 125

The Organizational Chart; Developing Organization Structure; Delegating; Establishing Relationships

11. If You're a Leader ... Lead ....... 135

Decision-Making; Communication; Motivation; Selecting People; Developing People

12. Who's in Control? ....... 175

Establishing Performance Standards; Measuring, Evaluating and Correcting Performance

13. Time Robbers ....... 200

14. Make the Time You Need ....... 214

15. Are Your "Problems" Really "Opportunities?" ....... 224

16. Call to Excellence ....... 236

From the Back Cover and Jacket

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven."

-- Ecclesiasties 3:1

   In this new edition of Managing Your Time, Ted W. Engstrom and R. Alec Mackenzie reinforce this biblical truth with inspiring quotations from great achievers, past and present. They also exhort us to regard ourselves as trustees, not merely consumers, of the time allotted to us by God. The authors establish time-proven ground rules for setting our priorities effectively so that we can achieve our maximum potential.

   This updated edition appears twenty years after the first edition introduced effective time management techniques to managers across the country. It combines the wisdom of the authors' initial time management principles along with their insights from the past two decades.

   Managing Your Time is a practical guide for chronic procrastinators and those bogged down in the swamps of daily trivia. Christians who earnestly desire to manage their lives so that they "might have life, and... have it more abundantly" will find this book therapeutic and, certainly, timely.

Ted W. Engstrom is president emeritus of World Vision. Before joining World Vision, he worked both with Zondervan Publishing House and Youth for Christ International. He is the author of numerous books, including The Pursuit of Excellence, Motivation to Last a Lifetime, and A Time for Commitment, co-authored with Robert C. Larson.

R. Alec Mackenzie is president of Alec Mackenzie and Associates, Inc., a management consultant firm. Among his books are The Time Trap and New Time Management Methods for You and Your Team.

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