Making Your Faith Your Own
A Guidebook for Believers with Questions

© 2001 Teresa Turner Vining

InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, Illinois
1. Christian life — Miscellanea. 2. Apologetics. 3. Faith.
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Making Your Faith Your Own is presently held by 35 libraries including Cedarville University [Ohio] and Wheaton College [Illinois].

Table of Contents

From the Back Cover

Acknowledgments       9

1.  Somewhere Between Belief & Disbelief        11

2.  Grappling with Doubt       19

3.  Thoughts of Thinking: But How Can We Really Know Anything?       28

4.  The Brushstrokes of God: Is There a Creator?       39

5.  Mirrors of Our Maker: Does Belief in God Fit with What We Know About Ourselves?       49

6.  Reliable, Relative or Ridiculous: Can We Trust the Bible?       60

7.  Grave Issues: Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?       75

8.  Stones & Scrolls: Does Archaeology Support the Claims of the Bible?       87

9.  What Profit in Prophets: Do the Prophecies in the Bible Really Come True?       100

10.  Testing the Track Record: Does Christianity Really Make a Difference in People's Lives?       113

11.  God Beyond the Telescope: But What About Science?       124

12.  Contending with a Tragic World: But What About Evil?       137

13.  Reflections on Religions: But What About Other Religions?       149

14.  A Choice of the Heart       163

Notes       171

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The Struggle for Faith

"I was supposed to be at a Bible study, and that is where I had been earlier, attempting to be a good Christian as I had been raised to be. The daughter of a pastor, I had always, at least on some level, attempted to do what was right. But I just wasn't sure anymore..

"That night was the beginning of new no-holds-barred search for truth in my life. If Christianity wasn't true, I wanted to know so I could go on to seek truth somewhere else — because the one thing I did know after that night was that I couldn't believe this life is all there is."

Teresa Vining read and studied, tackling hard questions such as

- Is there really truth to be found?

- How was the universe created?

- Can the Bible be trusted?

- Why do the innocent suffer?

Using an interactive format, the book is designed to help you decide where you stand. The quest may seem daunting, but this book will help you unpack the questions and find resolution bit by bit.

Doubt in the life of a Christian, if not confronted, is debilitating. If we are to have a faith that will overcome doubt and help light the world, it must be a faith of our own, forged in the furnace of honest seeking and tested in the laboratory of real life. Your journey begins here.

Teresa Vining's book will help many Christians find answers to their questions."

DR. RONALD NASH, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Teresa Vining seeks to help those who are struggling with doubt by evenhandedly examining the evidences for Christianity and encouraging people to make their own decisions. The book is both insightful and very readable." DON HAWKINS, Back to the Bible

"In addition to being an excellent basic apologetics book, Making Your Faith Own's value lies in the insightful questions which, when used with a journal, will encourage readers to know what they believe and that they believe." SUE BOHLIN, Probe Ministries

"Making Your Faith Your Own adeptly and compassionately leads the reader through the intellectual maze of doubts or questions. The end result of this journey for the reader will be a faith of their own rooted in the heart and mind." JIMMY LONG, Generating Hope

Teresa Vining, a professional writer and speaker, is the coauthor (with Brad Humphrey) of This Thing Called Christianity. Teresa is the director of Kansas City Christian Writers Network. She lives with her husband, Erik, and sons, Zephan and Kaden, in Olathe, Kansas.

A twice-born faith, a rebuilt faith, is superior to an inherited faith that has been never stood the strain of a great testing storm. If you have not clung to a broken piece of your old ship in the dark night of the soul, your faith may not have the sustaining power to carry you through to the end of the journey.


To my son Zephan Erik Vining, for all the joy you've already brought me in your twenty-one months of life. May you grow to love God with all your heart, soul and mind.

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