My Lover, My Friend

© 1976  Colleen Townsend Evans and Louis H. Evans, Jr.

Fleming H. Revell, Old Tappan, NJ

1. Marriage  2. Christian life  Presbyterian authors

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Table of Contents

From the Back Cover of the Book

Gratefully...       9

There's Hope for a Great Institution       11

1.  He Makes It Possible       23

2.  Who's in Charge Here?       33

3.  Love Honors the Gift       48

4.  This Is Where I Am — Where Are You?       67

5.  Seven Basics of a Happy Marriage       81

6.  My Best Friend       115

7.  Keeping Romance Alive       125

8.  Sex Is Something Special       135

9.  A Love for All Seasons       148

From the Back Cover of the Book

People are hungry today for more fulfilling, deeper relationships in marriage. The new generation — and many of the old generation — want something more than the usual familiar definitions of what marriage should be, and how a husband and wife should act. They see marriage as a union of two people who love, and like, each other; who can have fun together; who can share life's highest goals; and who consciously make a lifelong commitment to each other and to God. They want more out of life..... and will find that "more" in this exciting new book written by a vibrant Christian couple who have been very happily married for more than 25 years! Reverend Louis Evans and his wife Colleen say: There is hope for a great institution!

My Lover, My Friend discusses.......

* Seven Basics of a Happy Marriage

* This Is Where I Am — Where Are You?

* Sex Is Something Special

* Keeping Romance Alive

    Here is proof that contemporary marriage can be as fulfilling and delight giving as Scripture directs. With the proper Christian input, and a joyous attitude, all husbands and wives are capable of gaining new delights in their marital walk and of bringing the beautiful quality of steadfast friendship into their growing love for one another, and for God.

    Colleen and Louis Evans, wife and husband, co-authors of MY LOVER, MY FRIEND, dig deeply into the liberating love of Jesus Christ, the designer of marriage, to come to grips with some of the problems every marriage has to face. They consider the roles of husband and wife not as they are determined by sex or tradition, but as they are seen through the New Testament prism of the gifts of the Spirit. They take a long look at the seven basics of a good marriage, and share important steps in the sometimes painful, always liberating process of communication. They have fresh ideas about the exciting interdependence of married people, and reveal how freedom of interest and opinions actually strengthens a marriage bond and helps to create a more loving, and certainly more interesting, relationship!

   From their own twenty-five yeats of happily married life and their wide experience in counseling young people, the Evanses are keenly aware that many young men and women are painfully disappointed with family life today, as they have known it. They want more than the Standard American Package of big cars, big houses, big bank accounts and big problems. They want attention, affection and commitment — the security of knowing that one's marriage partner is just that: a partner in every circumstance. This is what commitment means, where the strength of the marriage covenant lies, how we relate to God Who gave us this covenant. This is what MY LOVER, MY FRIEND is all about.

About the authors:

COLLEEN TOWNSEND EVANS was a promising Hollywood actress until she met handsome Louis Evans and gave up her movie career for a life that she has found infinitely more satisfying. The mother of four children (all students at either college or high school) she serves on the Board of Trustees for the College of Wooster and Union Seminary, Richmond, Virginia, and has written two other books which were well received by critics and the public: A NEW JOY and LOVE IS AN EVERYDAY THING.

LOUIS H. EVANS, JR. attended San Francisco Theological Seminary, The University of Edinburgh, and received a Doctor of Divinity degree from Tarkio College. He has served congregations in Los Angeles and La Jolla, California, and is now Senior Pastor of The New Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C.

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