I Came To Love You Late

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A novel that could have happened ~~ A special kind of love story  

   Imagine the excitement and disbelief as stories about the Teacher of Nazareth spread through the villages of Palestine. Imagine serving Him as a guest in your home. Imagine witnessing firsthand a miracle only God could do. Here is a haunting human drama, drawn from the biblical account of Martha, Mary... and Lazarus. A novel that can happen to you...as you are enveloped in Martha's bittersweet discovery: "I do not know why I came to love you so late, my Lord. But I do love you, Jesus of Nazareth..." Joyce's extensive research has resulted in a faithful re-creation of the people, the culture, the surroundings and the attitudes that existed in Israel in the time of Jesus.

   The taste and smell of Biblical Palestine come alive once again! Using extensive on-site research and unsurpassed literary skill, Joyce Landorf transports you back in time for an eyewitness view of the Gospel accounts. The author weaves a tenderly perceptive, intensely personal tale as seen through the eyes of Martha sister to Lazarus and Mary, friend to Jesus. The story line runs from Martha's childhood, through the baptism of Jesus, right up to His final ascension after the crucifixion. Experience for yourself the hopes, the doubts, and the sheer amazement that were being expressed throughout Israel about the carpenter from Nazareth.

   Here is a face-to-face encounter with the most powerful and compelling personality that ever walked the face of the earth Jesus Christ. It is an encounter that you will not soon forget. "... Strong intelligence and straightforward honesty... tenderness and gentle creativity... unbending strength, yet He was unhardened... filled with authority yet human, warm, and touchable... a most completed man." The supernatural is captured in poignant, human terms that will move you to the depths of your being.

I CAME TO LOVE YOU LATE is intended to be a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, and Landorf succeeds brilliantly. Everyone will be able to identify with Martha's struggle to supplant her pragmatism with a workable faith. Here lies the real intrigue, for even after a lapse of 2,000 years, you have inherited Martha's dilemma in full. The claims, the miracles and the teachings of Jesus stand before you the decision to accept or reject them is yours to make. Seeing how Martha made her choice may well help you with your own.

JOYCE LANDORF takes a back seat to no one as a sensitive and talented writer with a strong Christian message to convey. She leads a well rounded career as a vocal soloist, public speaker, conference leader, author, wife and mother. She is an established author, having written such outstanding books as THE RICHEST LADY IN TOWN, MOURNING SONG, and TOUGH AND TENDER. Her uplifting books are available for purchase at Amazon.com, Balcony Publishing, or through Bookfinder.com.

My special thanks to: Brenda Arnold, Sheila Rapp, Richard Baltzell and my family who gave to this book.

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To the Marthas everywhere who were

"cumbered with much serving"

and who now move in freedom and yet still serve.

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And the Word became man and lived for a time among us, and we viewed His glory . . . . John 1:14

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