Growing Into Love Before You Marry

© 1982  Joyce Huggett

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1. Love  2. Marriage

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Table of Contents

From the Back Cover of the Book

Preface       5

1.  So, You're in Love!       9

2.  The Choice: Married or Single       18

3.  How Can We Be Sure? Getting to Know You       27

4. How Can We Be Sure? Examining Our Match       36

5.  Hopes and Expectations       46

6.  Sex within Marriage       55

7.  Sex before Marriage       62

8. Treating the Indelible Stain       72

9.  Touch: A Language to Be Learned       80

10.  Planning for Parenthood       90

11.  Growing in Love       99

12.  Role Responsibility       107

13.  Love, Honour and Obey?       114

14.  Ready for Marriage?       121

From the Back Cover of the Book

People in love become delightfully disoriented

   So when a couple begins to face issues of commitment, engagement and marriage, warm but level-headed counsel can be just what's needed. Joyce Huggett knows young lovers well and offers sympathetic guidance for the challenges and questions they face.

   How can I tell if I'm in love? How can I know who's right for me? (Is marriage right for me at all?) What do I hope for in marriage? What about sex before marriage . . . and in marriage? What do my partner and I think about the possibility of parenthood? What roles do we expect in marriage?

   Joyce Huggett gives a sound Christian perspective to these questions, encouraging lovers to work through them together. In such dialog is found the source of growing into love.

   Joyce Huggett, the author of Two into One, serves on the staff of St. Nicholas' Church in Nottingham. She has counseled couples for many years.

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