A Persuaded Heart:
A Woman's Potential for Genuine Freedom

© 1991  Gladys Hunt

Discovery House Publishers, Grand Rapids, MI  49501 All Rights Reserved

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1. Women Psychology; 2. Conduct of Life; 3. Christian Life.
261.83412 H912p ~~ ISBN 0929239415 ~~ OCLC: 27351876 ~~ 159 p.

A Persuaded Heart is presently held by 3 libraries including Cornerstone University and Bob Jones University.

Table of Contents

Back Cover of the Book

Preface        7

1. The Good News About You        11

2. The Side Issue         25

3. One Step From Eden         41

4. Shaping Up         51

5. Living Creatively        65

6. Maturing: Growing Beautiful         77

7. The Joy of Being Hospitable         91

8. So You're Married         103

9. A Worm in the Apple        119

10. Silver Bells and Cockle Shells         131

11. Freedom         145

Footnotes         157

Back Cover of the Book

A Persuaded Heart challenges Christian women to become the persons God intends them to be people who know the meaning and beauty of life because they know the creator and sustainer of life. People who maximize their potential, who do not exploit others, and who have learned that Godliness, with contentment, is great gain.

Standing on the firm ground of Scripture, author Gladys Hunt leads readers to an understanding of themselves as persons created in God's image as she discusses marriage, singleness, spiritual maturity, self-esteem, freedom, living creatively, what it means to be a woman who follows Christ in a turbulent world, and making your life a ministry. This is a book that calls women to abandon themselves to complete faith and trust in the God who is absolutely trustworthy for every situation.

Gladys Hunt is a free-lance writer, lecturer, and conference speaker.

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