How to Sing a Love Song
Loving Your Mate with Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment

© 1995 Eugene L. Whitney

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1. Marriage 2. Marriage — Religious aspects — Christianity 3. Intimacy (Psychology)

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments / 9

Introduction / 11

Section I: The Love Song of Passion

1. The Living Love Song / 15

2. The Responsible Love Song / 25

3. The Encouraging Love Song / 37

Section II. The Love Song of Intimacy

4. The Intimate Love Song / 53

5. The Autonomous Love Song / 67

6. The Revealing Love Song / 89

7. The Accepting Love Song / 103

Section III. The Love Song of Commitment

8. The Biblical Love Song / 119

9. The Enduring Love Song / 137

10. The Believing Love Song / 153

Reprise: How to Sing a Love Song / 167

Notes / 171

Bibliography /173

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

Dedicated to my wife, Arleen, whose life is a love song to me.


Passion. Intimacy. Commitment.

These are essential elements of the lasting, healthy marriage. And yet every couple must learn to give and receive these dimensions of love in a way that works for them.

   The desire to help couples discover and develop these elements in their marriages prompted Eugene Whitney to write How to Sing a Love Song. Filled with practical advice and personal experiences, this book helps couples to arrange their own forms of loving expression.

   Just as there are many talented singers, each performing in their own unique and artistic way," writes Whitney, "so God told us to love one another. We are given a great deal of freedom to be ourselves and love our mate by singing our own love song to them."

   If you and your mate are newly married and just finding your song or if you have been married many years (and perhaps singing a bit off-key) you will find this a source of encouragement and Inspiration.

Eugene Whitney, M.DIV., Ph.D., is a licensed marriage and family counselor who practices in Mission Viejo, CA

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