Heaven's Back Row

A Journey of Hope from Sexual Brokenness and HIV to a New Beginning


1. AIDS (Disease) Religious aspects — Christianity; 2. Homosexuality Religious aspects Christianity; 3. Christian biography — United States; 4. Bisexuality in marriage; 5. Adultery — United States — Personal narratives
BV4460.7 .B53 ~ Dewey: 261.8 ~ OCLC: 45260394 ~ 192p.

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The HIV diagnosis tore open the deepest secret of his life. He had a wife, two children, and a full-time Christian ministry. But he lived in two worlds. He knew that his hidden life was unacceptable to himself, to others, and to God. The sexual brokenness that troubled him as a youth, now tortured him as an adult. And it found expression through homosexual relationships. Heaven's Back Row is his miraculous story of hope and healing, a first-hand account. No hiding place could keep him from God's love and mercy. God delivered him from deep-rooted sin, repeated failure, and certain death.

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The author was a man of God. He was a man of ministry. He was a husband and father. He was a loved member of his community.

   All that changed the day he discovered he had AIDS.

   The HIV virus has affected so many people that it is no longer rare to hear about lives that have been devastated by it. Even less rare are reports about the homosexuality that is often associated with it. But the author's story is different because of his background and personal history.

   He is "one of us" in the sense that his public life was that of a religiously conservative heterosexual, family-oriented minister.

   The author's account of the struggle that changed the course of his life is unforgettable. It provides us with an intimate and, I think, compassionate look into the secret world of multitudes of sincere people who are bewildered by the dark forces that want to rule over their sexual identity and conduct.

   More than that, His gripping and honest account reaches to the depths of any of us who have experienced our own moral failures or our own scandals. He provides great hope for those who have feared that there is no life beyond their shame and loss.

   His journey is not only one of pain and humiliation, but of redemption and restoration.

   He is once again a man of God.

   He is once again a man of ministry.

   He is once again a husband and father.  

   He is once again a loved member of his community.

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