Leading From The Heart:
Lifetime Reflections on Spiritual Development

© 1995 Robert Boyd Munger

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Table of Contents

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Acknowledgments . . . . . . 7

Prologue: Lessons in Spiritual Navigation . . . . . . 9

1.  Light: The Journey Begins . . . . . . 17

2.  Commitment: A Change of Course . . . . . . 29

3.  Basic Training: Learning the Ropes . . . . . . 41

4.  Advanced Training: Lessons in Navigation . . . . . . 57

5.  Power for Ministry: Wind in the Sails . . . . . . 76

6.  Mission: A Mandate for the High Seas . . . . . . 104

7.  Community: Weathering Crosscurrents . . . . . . 142

8.  Teaming: Putting It All Together . . . . . . 162

Epilogue: The Journey Never Ends . . . . . . 183

To guide others toward God,
we must have hearts that are open to him.

Through his Spirit he supplies the strength, the correction and the love we need to grow spiritually and to help others mature in Christ. In this book, Robert Boyd Munger reflects on what he has learned over six decades of successes and mistakes. His reflections provide us with a unique opportunity to hear the voice of a veteran who articulates time-tested principles and commitments that can guide us as well.

Learn about the importance of

 staying open to the Spirit  admitting mistakes  being ready to grow and learn  grounding young believers in the faith  following Christ's model of ministry  guiding change  dealing with conflict  fostering ministry teams  forming a worldwide vision

A long-time pastor and teacher, Robert Munger does not claim to have arrived spiritually. Rather, he models for us what it means to be always in process, always growing, always learning. Continually open to what Christ might teach, he shows how we too can lead from our hearts.

"Robert Munger is one of the great spiritual leaders of our time. This book will become a classic. It will inspire and lead you to new joy and power in living for Christ."

LLOYD JOHN OGILVIE, chaplain, U.S. Senate

"This is a powerful book of simple and deep wisdom whether you are beginning the Christian life or have walked with Christ for years. After my thirty years of learning from God's gentle and powerful servant, Robert Munger, I am deeply grateful that he has written this book. It will lead you to humility and service. Best of all, it will lead you to Jesus."

ROBERTA HESTENES, president, Eastern College

"Bob Munger's story of his profound journey of faith is a wonderful gift to the body of Christ."

RICHARD MOUW, president, Fuller Theological Seminary

   Robert Boyd Munger studied at the University of California at Berkeley, Moody Bible Institute, and Princeton Theological Seminary. He held an honorary doctor of divinity degree from Whitworth College. He served as pastor of South Hollywood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles (1936-1945), First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley (1945-1962) and University Presbyterian Church in Seattle (1962-1969). For ten years, he was professor of evangelism and church strategy at Fuller Theological Seminary (1969-1979). His most recent assignment was on the staff of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. He is best known as the author of "My Heart — Christ's Home" with over eleven million copies in print. His other books include What Jesus Says, New Life to Live, and Jesus, Man of his Word. Dr. Munger was a speaker many times at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center, where this webmaster knew him from my youth. He was much loved at Lake Avenue Congregational Church (my church) where he was the teacher of the Disciples Sunday School Class. Dr. Munger celebrated the new millennium and his 90th birthday in Pasadena with his wife Edith. On February 16, 2001, God called him heavenward to be forever at home with his Lord Jesus Christ.

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