Jesus Only

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Table of Contents

I. Jesus Only         11

II. By Him All Things Consist         14

III. What Christ Means To Me         20

IV. Gathering With Christ         24

V. The Forgotten Beatitude         29

VI. You'll Get Over It!         34

VII. Our Threefold Commission         41

VIII. Down From Above         46

IX. "What Doest Thou Here?"         54

X. Missing Notes In the Modern Church         60

XI. Doing Something About It         71

XII. We Still Have Jesus         77

XIII. This Is That         82

XIV. Sunrise Tomorrow         90



My wife, whose companionship has been God's greatest human blessing,
whose prayers have meant more to me than words can say,
who lives the Gospel her husband preaches

*   *   *   *   *   *   *


   This collection of sermons, some of which have appeared, in slightly different form, in several Christian publications, is sent out to exalt Him whose Name the title bears. It has been a joy to give them from the pulpit and platform and microphone to audiences all over the land. May their appearance in book form lead many more to know Him and make Him known.

V. H.        

Greensboro, N.C.

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