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1. Grandparents — Religious life.
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Table of Contents

Introduction          7

1. ... Change the World!          11

2. ... Listen (And You Shall Hear)          19

   How to Talk With Children — Hear Them Out

3. ... Be Fun          29

   Sometimes We're Crazy — Positive Alternatives — Eyes in the Back of Your

Head — Safety First, Not Last — Time To Be Messy — A Time to Go Places —

The Grand Embarrassment — Time to Be a Character

4. ... Build a Treasure House of Memories          39

   Today Will Be Tomorrow's Memories — Never Too Busy

5. ... Create a Tradition          45

   All Together Now — Visiting the Kids —  Off to Grandma's House — Pass Them On

6. ... Comfort the Wounded          55

   Flunked — Death and the Child — Stick Together

7. ... Jump the Generation Gap          61

   Why Be Afraid of Aging? — Broken Connections — Rip Tide in the Teens — But

Mom and Dad Don't Understand — Disappointments — Share Our Goofs — We

Can't Change Them

8. ... Spoil, If We're Not Careful          71

   My Mother, My Son — Giving With Restraint — Get Inside Information — The

Shopping Trips — What the Children Think — Impartiality

9. ... Be a Surrogate Grandparent           81

   Give and You Will Receive — It Won't Work — Never Give Up — Surrogate Means

"Substitute" — Hit the Myths — A Place to Stay

10. ... Provide a Sense of Roots          89

   No Moral to This Story — Not Toynbee, Just Me

11. ... Lead the Way to Jesus          95

   Seed Planters — An Unbelieving Generation — Yes, He Answers Prayers

12. ... Pray Without Ceasing          103

   Security Blanket — Telephone Lines Are Never Down — Final Rules for

Grandparents — How Important Are We?                

Appendix: Books and Records for Grandchildren          113


   Dale hears one question all over the world. Whether she is speaking in Peoria or appearing on national television, people want to know, "Why do you keep up this pace? Why don't you retire?"

   Her answer is this: "The reason I keep doing what I'm doing at my age, witnessing to the power of Christ and trying to interest people in reading the Bible for the rules of life, is because I care about my grandchildren."

   Dale is not a grandmother who constantly baby-sits or who frequently sees her grandchildren. Many grandmothers and grandfathers could relate more personal stories than she is able to do. However, she is using her God-given talents in the way in which the Lord directs her. If the time comes when He wants her to play another role, she will not try out for the part — she will accept it wholeheartedly.

   Dale Evans Rogers is an unassuming celebrity. The jewels she wears are not for show, but are reminders of special people or occasions. She eats in coffee shops and drives her own small model car. It's only when someone thrusts a pen and paper under her nose, for an autograph, that you realize, This lady is famous!

   The source material has come from experience and time-tested principles. The wonderful gal who has made you cry and laugh with her will provoke you to think what grandparents can (and can't) do.

   Our special thanks to Georgiana Walker, who provided the thoughtful compilation of books and records for gift giving.

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   Most of all, we are grateful for all of you who are starring in this production: our wonderful families on earth and in heaven.

Grandma, of course    

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From the Back Cover

"Can grandparents really make a dent in the chaotic mess we call 'society'? Yes, we can!"

In this rapidly changing world, the importance of grandparents is often overlooked. Increasing numbers of family elders need to know how to live productive, enjoyable, and fulfilling roles as they grow older. In Grandparents Can, Dale Evans Rogers presents guidelines for the exciting part that grandparents play in the lives of their children and grandchildren. Her practical and entertaining look at the vital functions of grandparenting is a worthwhile and timely message for today. She draws upon her long, hard experience as a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to teach you how to build friendships with grandchildren, take time to listen and communicate, create a sense of roots, become role models, and provide security in the face of a changing, unstable world. Let Dale share with you her simple, down-to-earth wisdom, and you'll agree that grandparents can indeed make a noticeable difference in the world. Dale's grandmotherly advice for grandparents includes these subjects:

About the Authors:

DALE EVANS ROGERS leads an active public life as an actress-singer, speaker, and TV and radio personality. Having mothered nine children, she is now the grandmother of nineteen, and the great-grandmother of six. She is the author of more than a dozen best-selling books, including Angel Unaware, The Woman at the Well, Let Freedom Ring, Hear the Children Crying, and Woman, with Carole C. Carlson.

CAROLE C. CARLSON, a grandmother herself, is a frequent conference speaker and successful businesswoman. She is the author of Corrie ten Boom: Her Life, Her Faith, and is the co-author of In My Father's House with Corrie ten Boom; and The Late Great Planet Earth and Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth with Hal Lindsey.

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