Origins and Destiny
A Scientist Examines God's Handiwork

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1. Creation  2. Evolution Religious aspects Christianity  3. Religion and science  1946-

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Table of Contents

From the Jacket (Book cover)

About the Author

Glossary    ix

Preface    xv

1. What Conflict Did Science Lose to Scripture?    3

2. Has Our World Vanished and Reappeared?   10

3. Did a Supernatural Explosion Create the World?    17

4. Has Science Discovered Something That Proves Karl Marx Wrong?    22

5. Why Can't an Accident Design a Machine?    33

6. What Role Does Entropy Play in Destiny?    41

7. What Elusive New Law Governs All Living Systems?    48

8. Did Intelligence Design the Earth?    57

9. How Did Life Originate?    65

10. Is Protein God's Fingerprint?    72

11. Why Can't Nature Create Life?    78

12. Why Do We Need Life to Create Life?    84

13. Why Is Life a Miracle?    94

14. Why Are Men and Apes Physically Similar?    102

15. Why Does Physical Reality Terminate in Man?    110

16. Did Man Evolve From Apes?    116

17. What Do Animals and People Have in Common?    123

18. Does Man Reflect a Supernatural Image?    129

19. What Did "Clever Hans" Teach Men About Apes?    137

20. Is There a Way to Live Forever?    146

Appendices    156

Notes (see end of each chapter)    167

Bibliography    182

Index    188

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   Many people helped to make this book possible — some with time, others with support, and a few by doing tasks that freed me to write. Each knows how grateful I am for the help he or she provided while preparing this book. With respect to the manuscript, special thanks go to Nancy Rendina for assistance, John DeVilbiss for review, Vincent DeMarco, Jr., for inspection, and Lynn Pinnow for preparation. I am particularly indebted to Doris Davis for incalculable succor, and Carey Moore who helped to make the book readable.

About the Author

Dr. Robert Gange is a research scientist, certified professional engineer, and adjunct professor. He was on staff for over 25 years at the David Sarnoff Research Center in Princeton, New Jersey.

   His experience embraces guided missile technology, holographic memories, computer systems, image processing, and electron devices.

   Educated in five universities (Ph.D. 1978 for extensive research on the application of cryophysics to information systems), he has made pioneering contributions in several scientific fields, has published numerous papers and is a member of several professional societies including the New York and New Jersey academies of science.

   Dr. Gange has received numerous corporate awards, has been honored nine separate occasions by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and holds over thirty base patents with foreign filings in over twenty-three countries.

From the Jacket (book cover)

"Is life just the outcome of random natural processes?" asks Robert Gange. Consider, for example, our sun. Although 93 million miles distant, its 12,000°F surface temperature radiates precisely the correct amount of energy in just the right color distribution to avoid atmospheric gases that would interfere with its reaching the earth's surface. The comparatively stable temperatures we enjoy are determined by the difference between the amount of heat the earth absorbs and that which its shifting cloud cover returns to space. How was that balance achieved? And lest we take our privileged environment for granted, consider that the moon, only 239,000 miles away, has temperature changes of over 850°F each lunar day!

   Or, think of the oceans. Did an accident make their average depth just over two miles? Were it much greater, the 0.03 percent carbon dioxide in our atmosphere would diminish, and plant life would fail. But if shallower, the lessened reservoir of heat would yield large temperature fluctuations and a buildup of polar ice.

   With the aid of scores of graphic descriptions from nature, Robert Gange, an award-winning scientist and engineer, illustrates how materialistic explanations of life's origin ignore the most fundamental laws of science. He also shows how science illuminates the Bible as surprisingly "up to date."

   In Origins and Destiny, Dr. Gange draws on his experience as a scientist and his faith as a Christian to explore a variety of questions:

Did a Supernatural Explosion Create the World?

How Did Life Originate?

Did Man Evolve from Apes?

Does Man Reflect a Supernatural Image?

   "The awesome splendor of a 30 billion light-year wide universe so precisely balanced that a butterfly can stay perched at the edge of a flower petal points not to chance, but to cause; not to matter, but to Maker; and more than that," Dr. Gange says, "to a Maker who matters."

"A careful appeal to the Genesis record
and the latest findings of science"

"I was particularly pleased with Dr. Gange's refusal of the idea of materialism, and the convincing arguments supporting that refusal. In fact, the book will be a welcome response to materialism. Good luck, for a good book!"

Eugene P. Wigner
Nobel prize in physics     

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"The National Academy of Sciences has stated in their work, Science and Creationism, that 'the hypothesis of special creation has, over nearly two centuries, been repeatedly and sympathetically considered and rejected on evidential grounds by qualified observers and experimentalists. In the forms given in the first two chapters of Genesis, it is now an invalidated hypothesis.'

   "It is my strong opinion that Dr. Robert Gange's work, Origins and Destiny, will demonstrate the error of that statement in his careful appeal to the Genesis record and the latest findings of science. Not only does Dr. Gange bring impeccable credentials in his field of physics, but he brings a solid commitment to the inerrancy of the Scriptures and to the grammatical-historical interpretation of those Scriptures. It has been thrilling for me to witness his blending of the evidence from nature and Scripture in a way that is credible to scholars from both fields and yet understandable to the layperson in either field. This book will challenge some traditional views and deepen the appreciation of the revelation of our great God in nature and in Scripture."

Earl Radmacher
                                          President and professor of systematic theology
                       Western Conservative Baptist Seminary

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