The Man Who Would Not Hate

The Story of Festo Kivengere

As told for kids by Jill Briscoe

Word Publishing, Dallas, Texas

© 1991 Jill Briscoe Used by permission All rights reserved



Acknowledgments          vi

1.  Into the Night          1

2.  The Briefing          4

3.  Africa          9

4.  Revival and Anger          15

5.  "I've Just Met Jesus!"          21

6.  The Martyrs          25

7.  The Terror Begins          32

8.  Death in the Stadium          39

9.  Charity          50

10.  "Kill Them!"          58

11.  "You're Next"          70

12.  Loving the Enemy          77

13.  Heaven's New Song          82

References and Notes          87

For Further Reading about Festo          89


With thanks to Kappie Griesell for her help in researching the life of Bishop Festo Kivengere, to Jane Wrede for her delightful illustrations of Hark, to Sue Ann Jones for her marvelous job of editing, and to Laura Minchew of Word Publishing for her guidance and support of the project. A special thanks goes to the staff of African Enterprise for their help with this book.

From the Back Cover of the Book

"Look out!" shouted a student. Soldiers were jumping over the school walls, rounding everyone up, and beating them. Then everyone was taken off to prison. Festo's daughter was one of them.

The new president Idi Amin, was determined to wipe out Christianity in Uganda. Amin's secret police began to arrest and kill Christians. Festo refused to hate and rebel against Amin. He continued to spread God's Word even when it meant he and his family might die.

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