Woman Submit! Christians and Domestic Violence

© 2007  Jocelyn Andersen

One Way Café Press
Auburndale, Florida

1. Abused women. 2. Christian life. 3. Family Violence — Religious aspects — Christianity. 4. Wife abuse. 5. Church and social problems

HV1444.A53 || Dewey: 261.8327 || ISBN: 0979429307 || OCLC: 18070207 || 156p.

Woman Submit! Christians and Domestic Violence is held by four libraries including Crown College, Minnesota.

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The woman whose spirit is being crushed and whose life is endangered by domestic violence needs straight answers not unrealistic expectations or clichéd, sterotypical platitudes. In this book, Jocelyn Andersen gives clear scriptural direction and some tough challenges from one who has been there but is there no longer.

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