Dating, Sex & Friendship

An Open and Honest Guide to Healthy Relationships

© 1985  Joyce Huggett

InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, Illinois — All Rights Reserved — Used by Permission 


1. Youth — Religious life. 2. Dating (Social customs) — Religious aspects — Christianity. 3. Sex — Religious aspects — Christianity.
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Table of Contents

Preface       7

1.  Made for Love       11

2.  Be Holy and Sexual       26

3.  Pairing Off: Crime or Apprenticeship?       42

4.  Radical Relationships       58

5. Sex before Marriage       73

6.  Drawing the Petting Line       90

7.  Mismatched with Unbelievers       109

8.  Splitting Up       124

9.  Loneliness: A Friend in Disguise       140

10.  An Offshoot of Loneliness: Masturbation       156

11.  Another Offshoot of Loneliness: Homosexuality       173

12.  Failure in Friendship       192

"What's wrong with sex before marriage?"

"How can we keep Christ at the center of our relationship?"

"I'm so lonely. Why doesn't God do anything?"

DATING raises endless questions. God made us to love and be loved. He made us sexual. But he also made us more than glandular beings. He has called us not just to passion but also to compassion.

   Joyce Huggett is open and honest about our sexuality, our questions and our struggles. She discusses many important topics such as starting friendships, telling the difference between infatuation and affection, dealing with exclusiveness, petting, breaking up, and dating non-Christians.

   JOYCE HUGGETT, the author of Growing into Love and Creative Conflict, combines practical wisdom with biblical insight in dealing with the tough issues. Her years of experience in counseling and speaking make this a positive and realistic book that will help you grow in relationships.

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