The epistle of James stands out as one of the most practical books in the entire New Testament. This brief letter, written by the brother of our Lord, presents the Christian life as it ought to be lived by every believer.

   Written to the Christians of the first century, the book of James is a letter of encouragement as well as instruction to those who stood in the very midst of conflict. It speaks to the many and varied needs of people who had been scattered throughout the Roman empire by persecution.

   The theme of this epistle is practical faithfaith that is dynamic and alive, faith in action. Because he is writing to Christians, James is concerned about conduct, not creed; about behavior, not belief. His purpose is to take the Christian beyond the stage of "easy believism" and to introduce him to a vital and genuine faith that demonstrates itself in a tangible way.

   James speaks to Christians where they are: in the midst of trial and conflict, experiencing testing and temptation, and inhabiting a strife-torn world. He gives practical solutions to everyday problems that all believers experience. He deals with the nitty-gritty of life, and he tells us that a faith that works is a faith that lasts.

   The epistle of James is extremely practical. Its five chapters are packed with simple yet profound truths which can aid you in your Christian life. It is not an easy book, because it minces no words. But it will serve as a source of great

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blessing to you as you diligently seek to become a doer of the Word.

   This book is written with the expressed purpose of stimulating you to further study of the epistle of James. It is not intended to be a full commentary on the epistle, but rather a practical discussion of the principle topics James deals with in his letter. I trust that the following chapters will be helpful to you as you "put feet to your faith" in your daily walk with Christ.

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