The Company of the Committed
A Manual of Action for Every Christian

© 1961  Elton Trueblood

Professor of Philosophy, Earlham College

Harper & Row Publishers, New York

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Subjects: 1. Christianity 20th Century; 2. Pastoral theology; 3. Evangelistic work
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To all the men and women who belong to many denominations, work at many occupations, and live in many lands, as members of one another, because they sincerely desire to wear Christ's Yoke with Him.

Table of Contents

From the Jacket of the Book

Preface       xi

1.  The Necessity of Commitment       1

2.  The Call to Enlistment       24

3. The Vocation of Witness       45

4.  The Strategy of Penetration       68

5.  The Criterion of Validity       91

From the Jacket of the Book

   Elton Trueblood issues a compelling call to Christians in The Company of the Committed. This new book is both a dynamic rallying point and a manual of action for every Christian.

   Despite the popularity of churchgoing, millions are only back-pew Christians, Dr. Trueblood declares. What is needed is a task force of committed men and women who truly care for God, for the church, and for other people. Such a "valiant band for Christ" would revitalize the church and transform society.

   "We have around us many new frontiers, but the most unexplored of all frontiers is that of loving fellowship." To explore this new frontier, Dr. Trueblood outlines a hard-hitting five-point program:

THE NECESSITY OF COMMITMENT. Calls for a living faith that can win back the church's "lost provinces" the campus, young people, labor.

THE CALL TO ENLISTMENT. Lays down a rule and discipline by which devoted recruits can prepare themselves for The Company of the Committed.

THE VOCATION OF WITNESS. Sets forth the testimony required in both word and act if there is to be genuine renewal in the life of the church.

THE STRATEGY OF PENETRATION. Shows how the church building can become a drill hall where Christians are trained in techniques to make a difference in the secular world.

THE CRITERION OF VALIDITY. Discovers the true mark of this renewed church to be love love in action that redeems society.

   This is a forceful and a rousing book that glows with the fire of conviction. Here are "Christian marching orders" for those who want to join THE COMPANY OF THE COMMITTED.

ELTON TRUEBLOOD has been a leading American writer on religious themes for twenty-five years. His many books, articles, and lectures have made him famous throughout the country as a teacher, a prophet, and a friend.

Note: The book's subtitle in 1961 was: "A Bold and Imaginative Rethinking of the Strategy of the Church in Contemporary Life"

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