The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment

© 1957  Harry Buis

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1. Future punishment
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Table of Contents

Preface       ix

I.  The Teaching of the Old Testament       1

II.  The Inter-Testamental Period       16

III.  The Teaching of the New Testament       33

IV.  The Pre-Reformation Period       53

V.  Reformation and Post-Reformation Thought (to the Nineteenth Century)       73

VI.  Post-Reformation Thought (the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries)       93

VII. Denials and Their Answers       112

VIII.  Present-day Conservative Position       127

Appendix I.  Infant Salvation and Damnation       137

Appendix II.  The Heathen Who Have Not Heard the Gospel       141

Appendix III.  Denial by the Cults       144

   The author wishes to express his appreciation to Wilbur Smith for his very helpful bibliographic suggestions; to Bernard Brunsting for his suggestions with regard to publication; to Bert Van Soest, John Van Heest, J. Marcellus Kik, and Oswald T. Allis for their constructive criticism of the manuscript; and to Hattie Prince for carefully typing the final draft of the manuscript.

Harry Buis          

May 1957, Zeeland, Michigan

From the Jacket of the Book

   One night in a discussion continuing into the "wee-hours" of the morning, a student once said to a friend in the dormitory who affirmed belief in a place called "hell": "If you really believed that such a place existed, you couldn't sleep nights." The student who professed belief in this Biblical doctrine continued to sleep well, but the other young man became so disturbed about this and other problems that he dropped out of school temporarily.

   Just how seriously students across America take the doctrine of eternal punishment would be an interesting study. However, it cannot be disputed that it is an integral part of the earliest Christian tradition in spite of the protestations of certain scholarship to the contrary.

   The Reverend Harry Buis in a comprehensive yet popular treatment demonstrates this conclusively. Written to meet a very real need in church and school, the discussion traces belief in the doctrine of eternal punishment historically from the age of the Old Testament to the present. The Biblical position is well-expounded and numerous variations therefrom in past and contemporary thought are cited. The treatment should be of benefit to many.

Professor of Systematic Theology
Western Theological Seminary
Holland, Michigan

About the Author

   Mr. Buis was born in Fairlawn, New Jersey. A graduate of Hope College and Western Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in America, he has studied at the Graduate School of Theology of Oberlin College. Mr. Buis' first pastorate was at the Brooklyn Community Reformed Church in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. He is now the pastor of the Vriesland Reformed Church of Zeeland, Michigan.

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