The Struggle for Inner Peace

A wise practical counselor shows you the biblical way to overcome the many stresses of living

© 1984  Henry Brandt

(Revised Edition)

Victor Books: Wheaton, Illinois


1. Peace of Mind.
BV4908.5 .B7 1984 || 248.4 || LC: 83051312 || ISBN 0882072455 || OCLC: 10687325 || 128 p.

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Table of Contents

From the Back Cover and Jacket

Preface    5

1. Mental Health — Whose Problem?    9

2. Discovering Yourself    22

3. After Discovery — What?    36

4. What Your Emotions Tell about You    49

5. Bending the Truth    62

6. Other Faulty Patterns    70

7. Mind and Body    79

8. Positive Aspects of the Negative    91

9. The Responsibility Is Yours    103

10. Help for a Hard Journey    115

11. One More Time    126

From the Back Cover and Jacket


   Inner peace may be a struggle, even for committed Christians, declares Dr. Henry Brandt. But he points out that victory is certain when you daily acknowledge your weaknesses and surrender yourself totally to the promises and commands of God.

   Mixing case studies with practical, biblical advice, the author offers hope to the hurting and peace to the perplexed. The price may be high, but a lightened emotional load — one that allows you to breathe easier and enjoy life more than ever before — is definitely worth the sacrifice. You can win THE STRUGGLE FOR INNER PEACE.

Henry Brandt, Ph. D.,  (1916-2008) as a Christian psychologist, lecturer, teacher, and author helped people solve their problems by directing them to the Scriptures. For twenty years he maintained a large marriage counseling practice before beginning a speaking ministry in 1968. Dr. Brandt resided in Michigan and later in Singer Island, Florida. Click here for a more complete biography.

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