Women Who Made Bible History

Messages and Character Sketches Dealing with Familiar Bible Women

© 1962  Harold J. Ockenga

Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan — All Rights Reserved

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1. Women in the Bible. 2. Congregational churches — sermons. 3. Sermons, American — 20th Century.
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Table of Contents

From the Jacket of the Book

1. EVE — The Mother of All Living       9

2. SARAH — The Mother of a Nation       19

3. RACHEL —The Woman Who Commanded a Man's Love       29

4. MIRIAM — The Woman Who Helped Lead A Nation       43

5. RAHAB — The Woman Who Discovered the Power of Faith       53

6. DELILAH — The Woman Who Ruined a Holy Man       63

7. RUTH — The Woman Who Won a Husband       75

8. HANNAH — The Woman Whose Prayer Was Answered       90

9. ABIGAIL — The Woman Who Combined Beauty and Tact       101

10. BATHSHEBA —The Woman Who Was Betrayed      111

11. THE SHUNAMMITE — The Woman Whose Hospitality Was Rewarded       124

12. THE QUEEN OF SHEBA — The Woman Who Made History       135

13. ESTHER — The Woman Whose Courage Saved A Nation       147

14. ELISABETH — The Woman Whose Son Was The Greatest Man       156

15. MARY — The Noblest Woman Of All       171

16. MARTHA — The Woman Who Made A House A Home       183

17. MARY MAGDALENE — The Woman Who Could Not Forget       197

18. THE GENTILE WOMAN — The Woman Who Put Prayer Into Practice       211

19. DORCAS —The Woman Full of Good Works       221

20. LYDIA —The Woman With the Open Heart       231

From the Jacket of the Book

Women Who Made Bible History

Practical ... Thought-provoking ... Rich...

Interestingly written ... Unique and refreshing ...

The Watchman Examiner: "There is in these messages a great deal of practical wisdom and spiritual insights."

The Wesleyan Methodist: "... thought-provoking, practical .... good material for talks ... or for just good reading."

Christianity Today: "Literary portraits of saintly and some not so saintly women of the Bible. Rich in Biblical wisdom."

The Church Herald: "If you want to know more about some of the outstanding women of the Bible, this book will provide the information, interestingly written .... with application of Scriptural truth in terms of today's situation and problems.'

The Banner: "In his unique and refreshing way, Dr. Ockenga makes these women speak to us as we face the present and social problems of living for today."

Moody Monthly: "To read Dr. Ockenga's volume along with the Bible is to begin to find where these secrets (of favor with God) lie."


Dr. Harold John Ockenga, distinguished religious leader and educator, has had a successful ministry in the pulpit, at the podium, and in Christian education. He is the co-founder and was the first president of Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena California. He is one of the founders of the National Association of Evangelicals and its first president. For many years, he pastored the historic Park Street (Congregational) Church. He is now president of Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

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