How We Got Our Bible
And Why We Believe It Is God's Word

W.H. Griffith Thomas

© 1926 The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Copyright expired.


Published by Moody Press, Chicago, Illinois

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1. Bible History  2. Bible Evidences, authority, etc. 3. Bible Inspiration

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Table of Contents

1.  Structure and History of the Bible       9

2.  Canonicity of the Bible       19

3.  Authority of the Bible       27

4.  Authority of the Bible Continued       34

5. Trustworthiness of the Old Testament       48

6.  Trustworthiness of the New Testament       56

7.  Unity of the Bible       66

8.  Progressiveness of the Bible       75

9.  Inspiration of the Bible       86

10.  Inspiration of the Bible Continued       96

11.  Interpretation of the Bible       107

12.  Purpose of the Bible       118


Appearing as a posthumous work of that dean of Bible teachers, Dr. W. H. Griffith Thomas (1861-1924), this volume should have a special appeal to all who knew and loved the author, or who are familiar with his earlier works. The Rev. W. Graham Scroggie has said that "the reading of Dr. Thomas' books creates in one a deeper love of and desire for God as revealed in his Word," and this is strikingly true of this clear and satisfying marshaling of evidence as to what the Bible is. These studies have appeared serially in the Friends' Witness under the title, "The Book of Books."

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