What About Horoscopes?

© 1970  Joseph Bayly

Author of The Gospel Blimp

David C. Cook Publishing Co., Elgin, Illinois

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1. Astrology; 2. Horoscopes.
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Table of Contents

1. Mediums Are In       7

2. Can Stars Foretell the Future?      12

3. Satanism       22

4. Thirteen Witches Make a Coven       26

5. When Hell Broke Loose in Salem       31

6. Possession       39 

7. Extra Sensory Perception       47

8. Nostradamus       54

9. What Did Bishop Pike Really Hear?       60

10. Mrs. Twigg and the Witch of Endor       66

11. Jesus and the Unseen World       74

12. Our Yearning for Mystery       81 

13. Who Needs Horoscopes?       85

14. Glossary of the Occult       88

Books for More Reading       94


This is a book about horoscopes and the unseen world for the ordinary person. It answers the questions, "Is there anything to the claim that some people can read minds and predict the future?" But it also answers a lot of other questions as it surveys psychic phenomena and arcane practices... from a witches' coven on Long Island to the Church of Satan in San Francisco... from the beginnings of the zodiac five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia to Jeane Dixon's horoscopes column in today's Chicago Tribune.... from King Saul's seance with the Witch of Endor to Bishops Pike's session with medium Arthur Ford on the Canadian Television Network... from seventeenth-century witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, to jet-set Sybil Leek's practice of witchcraft in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

   Demon possession, voodoo, experiments in extrasensory perception, the strange predictions of Nostradamus 400 years ago: these are some of the subjects considered in this book. A "Glossary of the Occult" will be helpful to many readers. But this book is not a mere collection of information; it examines the life style in contemporary America that may have produced this flowering of interest in the unseen spirit world. This could be its greatest value.

Does the Medium Give the Message?

Astrology is in. So are seers, psychics, mediums, palmistry, communication with the dead, witchcraft. This is the age of spiritism.

But is there a reality behind the current obsession with extrasensory experience? Or is the whole thing a monumental put-on, with gypsies, seers and witches feeding on our desire for a mystical element in life, something beyond computers and commuting?

Can Jeane Dixon and Carroll Righter tell what's going to happen in the future? Did the late Bishop Pike really speak with his dead son?

This book answers questions and raises some about the spirit world, the world beyond our ordinary senses. And on another level, it examines the life style that causes people to turn to seers and mediums.

Joseph Bayly graduated from Wheaton College and Faith Theological Seminary. He served as the New England regional director of the fledgling InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, followed by terms as editor of His magazine and director of InterVarsity Press. He is perhaps best known for his column, "Out of My Mind" in Eternity magazine. In 1963 Joe joined David C. Cook Publishing Company where he eventually became president. He is the author of 15 books including The Gospel Blimp, Psalms of My Life, The View From a Hearse, as well as Out of My Mind, a compilation of his previously published reflections on life and his relationship with God. He was the father of seven children, including three boys who preceded him in death and four children who continue in Christian service.

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