We Thought We Heard The Angels Sing
(The Epic Ordeal of Eddie Rickenbacker and His Crew)

© 1943  Lieutenant James C. Whittaker

E.P. Dutton & Co., New York

Subjects: 1. Rickenbacker, Eddie, 1890-1973.
D790.W45 ~ Dewey: 940.544 ~ LCCN: 43-004621 ~ OCLC: 3291198 ~ 139p.

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"... 14 hours SSW Oahu. May have overshot island. Hour's fuel.


"Thousands of Americans laid aside their newspapers on Oct. 22, 1942, and abandoned hope for Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker and his seven companions after reading this last message, radioed from their Flying Fortress...."

So begins the true and harrowing story of eight men lost after their plane went down in the Pacific. Here is the dramatic account of their agonizing ordeal by sea and sun, and their dramatic rescue.

The New York Times calls it, "The Story of a Pacific Miracle... more than heroic adventure... in this book the whole religious significance has been set forth. The suffering, the danger, the bitterness, are all here, but Whittaker adds to the narrative something that is even more impressive... the whole odyssey of the birth of man's faith in God."


The sharks scraped barnacles from their backs by rubbing against the bottoms of the rafts.

The sun beat down mercilessly all day, then vanished in a sudden equatorial sunset to usher in the cold night.

The salt water lapped constantly at their ankles and lashed their bodies with ulcerating spray.

They were eight men adrift in the Pacific with four oranges, no water, one working watch, life jackets, a Bible, and a few flares. Could they survive the weeks between disaster and rescue? Seven did. This is their story reconstructed from the salt-encrusted diary of Lieutenant James Whittaker. It is a tale of courage and inspiration that has seen twenty-five printings, sold over a hundred thousand copies and been translated into German, French, Norwegian, and Swedish.

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