The Evidence that Convicted Aida Skripnikova
The Story of One Young Woman's Resistance to Religious Persecution in Russia

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1. Skripnikova, Aida Mikhailovna, 1942- 2. Persecution — Soviet Union.
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First published under title: Aida of Leningrad

Table of Contents

From the Jacket of the Book

1. A PERSONAL MEMOIR   S. L. Robertson          9

2. THE BACKGROUND   Michael Bourdeaux          17

3. THE LIFE OF A YOUNG CHRISTIAN   Xenia Howard-Johnston          34

4. "DON'T BE A CORPSE AMONG THE LIVING"   V.I. Kuzin          44

5. AIDA'S REPLY TO KUZIN   Aida Skripnikova          52


7. AN INTERVIEW WITH AIDA          135


   Many of us in free societies consider ourselves Christians, but how strong are our convictions? Seldom are we tested, and because of this, there is perhaps an uneasiness within us, an uncertainty as to how our beliefs would stand up under pressure.

   A twenty-nine-year-old Russian girl, Aida Skripnikova, and others like her, have suffered discrimination in education, loss of employment, social pressure from friends and neighbors, harassment and ridicule, and finally imprisonment, because of their Christian beliefs.

   They have suffered greatly, but have gained a serenity and happiness through the knowledge that they can and will fight to obtain their goal — freedom of religious beliefs and practices.

   What follows are authenticated reports gathered by Michael Bourdeaux, Xenia Howard-Johnston, and others at the Centre for the Study of Religion and Communism, in London, which uncover the tense relationship between Church and State in Communist countries.

From the Jacket of the Book

Persecution of Christians in the USSR?

   The name of Aida Skripnikova has come to the attention of the Western world as a young Russian girl sent to prison for her religious beliefs. Other names have also surfaced, and we on the outside wonder what the situation is in the Soviet Union. Is there persecution? If so, how extensive is it and what form does it take? Michael Bourdeaux, Xenia Howard-Johnston, and others at the Centre for the Study of Religion and Communism, in London, devote their lives to finding the answers to these questions. What they have offered here is a glimpse into the realities of religious life in the Soviet Union, and a portrait of a courageous girl, and others like her, who maintain their convictions in the face of State and social pressures, including imprisonment.


The Evidence That Convicted


by Michael Bourdeaux

Edited by: Xenia Howard-Johnston and Michael Bourdeaux

THE EDITORS wish to thank Miss Kathleen Matchett and David Knight for their help in translating the trial of Aida Skripnikova.

   Thanks are also due to the Sunday Telegraph for their kind permission to reproduce the material contained in the Epilogue.

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