I Will Do A New Thing
The U.S. Center For World Mission ... And Beyond

Roberta H. Winter

© 2002  Ralph D. Winter

William Carey Library, Pasadena, CA — Used by Permission — All Rights Reserved


1. U.S. Center for World Mission
BV2360.U553W56 1986 ~ ISBN: 0878084487 ~ LC: 8714731 ~ 266.023.7306 ~ OCLC: 53995199 ~ 366p.

I Will Do A New Thing (the 1987 edition) is presently held by 92 libraries including Wheaton College and Moore Theological College in Australia

I Will Do A New Thing (2002) incorporates the text of "Once More Around Jericho" (1978) and is an updated edition of the earlier "I Will Do A New Thing" (1987)

Table of Contents


Foreword       vii

Preface       xi

1. "Let the Earth Hear His Voice"       1

2. "Through the Valley of the Shadow"       7

3. The Twenty-Five Unbelievable Years       12

4. A Missing Link       23

5. "If You Believe . . . It's Yours"       26

6. Dreams       30

7. A New Thrust       33

8. No Turning Back       37

9. "If You Ask Anything in My Name"       40

10. "I Signed and Sealed the Deed"       45

11. Stan Petrowski       50

12. "My God Shall Supply All Your Needs"      56

13. Bethlehem's Star       60

14. The Church Universal and Triumphant       62

15. "You Fight Against Spiritual Darkness"       66

16. A Power Encounter       70

17. Barrels of Water       79

18. "Not Many Mighty"       89

19. Mail Time       94

20. "He Does Everything Well"       97

21. The Jericho Marches       102

22. D-Day       109

23. God Did a Miracle       113

24. "Your Young Men Shall See Visions"       119

25. "I'll Show You Which Ones"       124

26. God's Arithmetic       130

27. "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God"       134

28. Temptation       142

29. "What Do You Hold in Your Hand?"       147

30. "For the Honor of His Name"       153

31. "First Forgive"       157

32. "Study to Show Thyself Approved"       166

33. "Lord, Do It Again!"       176

34. "But for the Glory of God"       192

35. "I Will Give Them Hearts That Respond"       203

36. "Deliver Us From Evil"       215

37. "Not One Detail Will He Miss"       222

38. Victory in Disguise       228

39. His, For Better Or Worse       237

40. "I Want You to Trust Me"       248

41. "Don't Throw Away Your Confidence..."       255

42. "Together With All the Saints"       261

43. "Everything That Concerns You"       269

44. "You Will Have to See to Believe It"       275

45. "I Will Do a New Thing"       285

46. "Though It Tarries, Wait"       299

47. "Great is Thy Faithfulness"       304

48. "To Whom Much is Given"      319

49. Epilogue (2001)       329

50. "Above All That We Ask Or Think"       332

51. "Barnabas Was Desirous ... Paul Kept Insisting"       341

52. "The Future Is as Bright..."       347

Appendix One: A Tribute to Roberta Winter       356

Appendix Two: The Roberta Winter Institute       359


This is a story of faith — of cliff-hanging prayer meetings, of spiritual battles with a Hindu cult, of lessons learned while in the fire of God's testing.

   But it is mainly the story of what God is doing in our world and faith for what He is about to do tomorrow.

   Why else would a group of highly respected former missionaries, brilliant computer scientists and unusually dedicated young people band together to buy a college campus? Why, indeed, unless that space would allow dozens of evangelical mission agencies to work efficiently together as they strategize on finishing the task of evangelizing the world!

   Don't read this story unless you're willing to have your horizons enlarged, your faith tested, your future disturbed. The time to finish the job may be shorter than you think!

Roberta H. Winter was the editor of the Global Prayer Digest and author of Once More Around Jericho. Co-founder with her husband, Ralph D. Winter, of the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena, California, Mrs. Winter was involved in teaching global mission strategy in various forums. She was the mother of four daughters, all of whom with their husbands are involved in the task of reaching the "Hidden" (unreached) peoples of our world today. She died of cancer in October 2001, just 2 months before the Winter's 50th Wedding anniversary.

   Here is a revised edition with three new chapters written by Roberta before she died, plus three up to date chapters by her husband. The New Thing is Now!

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